Funny-So NOT Hermes

  1. See what seems to indicate is an Hermes diaper bag:

    [​IMG]Posh Shops Non-Stop: Drops $100K in a Day

    Posted Jan 15th 2007 5:00PM by TMZ Staff
    Filed under: Style Insider, Becks and Posh
    David Beckham may be getting $250 million for joining the L.A. Galaxy soccer team, but it's Victoria who has made it her job to start spreadin' the cash. Spendy Spice! The out-of-work singer has been house-hunting in the Hollywood Hills near the homes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Britney Spears. Talk about keeping up with the Joneses.
    Although they don't have new digs yet, that hasn't stopped the android fashionista from lining up plans to decorate her three sons' future bedrooms. Posh contracted with celeb favorite kids boutique Petit Tresor to custom design the abodes of Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz -- at a cost of $100K -- which is actually less than David makes in a day! Victoria wants the rooms to have soccer murals, soccer beds, soccer bean bag chairs, soccer ottomans and soccer desks. We're detecting a theme here. Samantha Winch, co-owner of Petit Tresor, tells TMZ, "The idea is to make you feel like you're in a soccer stadium like dad." Endorsement deals and screaming fans sold separately.

    Victoria also shopped for $12K worth of the new spring items for the boys and had them shipped to Beckingham Palace in the UK. Among the posh trinkets were five colorful balls, a $369 toy plane, Nordic Fairisle sweaters and a $410 red leather Hermes diaper bag. Is the supercouple adding a new member to Team Beckham?

    Stay tuned as Posh Watch continues.

    Posh Shops Non-Stop: Drops $100K in a Day -
  2. :yucky: :wtf:
  3. She might really have bought a Hermes tote but the writer grabbed a wrong picture!

    With their kind of money, it is no wonder at all how much the family can afford, and I think it's crazy. But, relative to what David Beckham earns, it's a small price.
  4. A $410 Hermes diaper bag? I wish!
  5. I saw this too!!! No way could that be mistaken for Hermes....and certainly not for $410!!!
  6. i guess people like posh can say and get away with it!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ditto! :p
  8. I saw that yesterday and thought, "I didn't know Hermes made western inspired diaper bags?". And at $410!! :p
  9. If hermes sold a diaper bag for 410 i would buy one for my puppy....:smile:
  10. This girl is a joke!!! Sorry to all VB fans. Don't burn me at the steak please! but she's not what I consider classy. :yucky:
  11. ^^i know it's an embarrasement to Hermes and everyone carrying their bags.
  12. This brings up a good point....Hermes Diaper bags!!! Which bag do you ladies think can double as a good diaper bag?
  13. A friend did buy a Garden Party as a diaper bag but after a couple of months of using it, she has since switched to a proper diaper (backpack) bag with its many pockets and compartments. The GP tends to slide off her shoulder when she struggles with her newborn and stroller.

    She loves the GP but her love for Hermes overshadowed the practicality of using it as a diaper bag when she bought it, so now, she uses the Garden Party for Sunday church and visits to the supermarket.
  14. After watching many interviews with her, I've begun to like her a lot. She & David give a lot of their time & money (very quietly without wanting attention for it) to many charities and people in need. She's spent much of her time visiting orphanages and arranging for care of people with medical needs.
  15. ^^Japster, just because people give to charities doesn't make them good people (some do it for tax puposes). Not that I'm saying she's a bad person. I just don't feel her vibe, miss the old beautiful full figured, unplastic Victoria.