Funny smelling stam?

  1. Ladies, does your E/W Stam smell leathery or kind of chemically? The one I recently bought doesn't smell like my Chloe bags do... Is this normal? TIA!
  2. My Stam smells leathery. Where did you get your bag? Maybe it was exposed while in route. If you got it from eBay I hope you had it authenticated... :sad: Chem smells are pretty common in the knock offs...

    If you are confident about it being real - I have opened my bag before and put some charcoal pieces/bricks in a paper bag and rolled it down and closed it in my Stam. Then I put it in the guest b'room closet and let it sit for a few days. The charcoal absorbed the stink... (cig smoke-crazy night out):yes:
  3. ^^It is the one I purchased from Shopbop. It was authenticated as being real, but should I return it then if it doesn't smell right?:confused1:
  4. I have a new quilted elastic Stam and it does not smell like leather. The bag came from Nordstroms. The referral thread is a great thread. I believe it is the way they have made the finish on the bag.
  5. i agree with forenfinal. charcoal helps. also u can run to home depot or lowes and pick up a little sack of volcano rocks. it will absorb odors. hopefully one of these methods will eliminate your problem! :tup: dont return the bag! that should be the very last option :smile:
  6. agree with windy... the finish on the leather takes away the lovely new leather smell. None of my icy leather bags smell like true leather either.
  7. Good Luck!!
  8. I remember when I got my Icy Taupe Baby Stam on eBay - I was concerned because it didn't have that nice leather smell and had an almost plastic-like smell. Then I noticed that the Silvana bag I had at the time also had that same smell. When I bought the Mina, same smell - I think it has something to do with the coating/protection they place over the quilting. It takes away that nice rich smell of leather and gives it a plastic-like scent. It does go away after a while, but I've never noticed that yummy leather smell with any of those bags.
  9. Thank you so much for your reassurances! :heart: