Funny Smell on Scarf

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  1. I received a scarf from the Bal Harbour boutique a few days ago...the one with all the cowboy boots on it "A Propos de Bottes". I love it with the black background. Anyway, it has a musty smell. Is that normal sometimes because of the packaging or do you think it was a return. Have you seen that scarf in your boutiques? I am now wondering if it is new. I don't want to send it back so I'm thinking if airing it outside would help.
    What do you think?
  2. Musty smell.....hmmm, I would send it back, but then, that's me - major OCD reg these things.
  3. Mmm...never had a musty smell in one of my scarves, but I just bought a gift from Tiffany and the box reeked of moth balls! Could it be the box that was musty (from storage) and it just transferred the smell to the scarf?
  4. ^ that makes sense, Frenciefan.
  5. I think you might be right frenchiefan....thanks!