funny smell on Bonbon....

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  1. for those who already have the bonbon pochette, do you guy notice there is a funny smell? i believe it is from the exterior material which i think most tpfers are saying patent leather. anyway, also, the exterior is not smooth as what it looks. somehow, that is a 2 inch long crease and tiny dents (very obvious) on the surface that i have been trying to smoothen out.. but, no luck. i guess i will live with it...
  2. Mine smells funny, but it is totally smooth. That is a bummer that yours has creases. Perhaps you can bring it to the store and ask them what they suggest. I believe the exterior of the bag is varnish calf and it is the varnish that we are all smelling, but I am not sure. I hope you can smooth your out!
  3. I still think the bag is vinyl and just the handles and trimmings are varnish calf. My SA said the same. The smell to me is like a vinyl smell. Sorry about the crease, hope you can work something out.
  4. Is it a very bad smell or just a funny, strong smell?
  5. yeah,, i doubt it is also vinyl as well since the smell is very strong. i had the bag for almost 2 weeks. but, the smell doesn't go away..

    as for the only crease on the surface, my boyfriend suggested an iron to flat it out..i just gave him the look...:hysteric:
  6. I agree with you lover. i dont understand how it can be patent...
  7. I believe it's called "vinyl." Looks like it and smells like vinyl, but on, it says it's patent leather. So who knows??!! But I couldn't deal with a smell on my purse.
  8. Everyone, I just took my Amarante Roxbury Drive out to check its smell and it still has a distinct strong varnish smell. So I would guess that the BonBons have the smell of vernis?
  9. There's a slight smell, but it really doesn't bother me. Keep it out of it's dustbag for a while. I am sure it'll go away.
  10. Actually I like the smell. Honestly, to me, it really smells like watercolour paint and it reminds me of when I was in art class in high school. Maybe they sprayed it with watercolour perfume to go with the theme. :smile:
  11. Hey! Don't sniff your bag! LOL
  12. hahaha, actuallly, i have gotten used to the smell....
    none of my other LV bags has this distinctive smell, only the bonbon, how special....oh, god,,,, i think i need the pink bonbon to complete the smell...
  13. I like the smell BUT, this reminds me of the way the Charms line smelled when brand new. The only difference is that this line was lined in calfskin whereas the Bon Bons are lined in alcantra. Same idea though.
    It does go away/lessen with time, my Charms pieces barely smell anymore.