Funny situation...what to do?

  1. Sorry for the long post but here goes-

    My dad does not appreciate my lust for LV, but every birthday or holiday season I send him links to elux bags as jokes because I know he won't buy them. But recently I helped him out with something at work and sent another link in the email as a joke for something he could get to say thanks. But then he bought it!! Its the azur mini pochette which I think is adorable but maybe not something I would actually ask for if I were being serious. I'm allowed to trade up but I'll be paying the difference, and I understand that $215 off an LV bag isn't very much, but its a start.

    So I was thinking about perhaps the azur pochette to be slightly more practical, an azur speedy, a white mini lin speedy, or maybe wallet?? Or maybe people here vote to keep the mini pochette? Thoughts?
  2. Hmm..I'd probably get the regular sized pochette. You wouldn't have to pay much of a difference and it's able to be used as a small shoulder bag.
    Or if you can swing it, get the Speedy..$215 off of a Speedy is a good thing! Plus, the Speedy is always practical and can be used often.
  3. I'd definitely get a Speedy. :yes:
  4. are you looking for practicality? if so..i'd pay the difference and get the mini lin speedy 30! if you dont have the funds, go with the pochette accessories! the mini pochette isn't very practical..
  5. Funds aren't the issue, I just wasn't planning on getting a bag now--I'm pretty frugal. Lately I've been living out of my Damier Speedy 25 and am worried the 30 will be too big, but I don't think I want another 25 in a different material. I like the Azur Pochette idea for added practicality, but does anyone know if the red damier lining will transfer onto azur canvas?
  6. I'd def. get the Speedy! And that was sweet of your dad!!!
  7. I would get the speedy! Classic
  8. haha, that's like my daddy now! He's really "converted" now lol. Anything under 500$ is considered "acceptable" whereas before he woulda jumped to the roof lol.

    Anyway, I would suggest that you go for the wallet, which one are you thinking of?
  9. i would probably get a speedy. but it really depends how much of the difference you are willing to pay. if you dont want to pay that much, i say the regular pochette =)
  10. I think i'd get a pochette, because 1) you can use it as a clutch at night/lunch 2) you can use it INSIDE your damier speedy. The contrast would look soo good...and the upgrade to the pochette won't cost you so much as you said you're not prepared to buy a bag.

    you can always buy the speedy later...or whatever else you might like.
  11. I think I'd be a little sentimental & keep it cos your dad bought it :smile:
  12. ^^Agree:yes:
  13. Definitely the Speedy.
  14. Speedy gets my vote. I love this bag!
  15. speedy!