Funny sights at my local LV

  1. So I was at my local LV boutique, and I saw a girl there.
    (Ok, I guess I'm catty, but...)
    She was wearing a colorful striped Kate spade tote with
    the kate spade logo peeling off, it was very noticable.
    But I especially loved her ensemble, plaid gingham dress with wedged floral heels and the striped kate spade faux bag....
    even my fiancee chuckled.

    I mean. I guess I thought it was funny, because she was telling her bf that the LV bags weren't worth the money.
    no comment.
  2. She just went into the store to diss the bags??
    Her outfit sounds really, erm, interesting.
  3. you know what worst than that, seeing ladies tote around fakes LV, while I'm paying over $2000 for my LV bag, I feel like screeming at such horrible scene!!!
  4. LOL. Oh me too. I just totally lose it!

  5. ^ OT, but I just had to tell Jane... I LOVE YOUR AVATAR & Pics of your Saleyas!!