Funny scene in Chanel store.

  1. So i returned my big baby cabas today. i'd let the SA know on Monday that i could only come today. I confirmed on Wed that it was still ok, and she said "sure, I won't be here but EVERYONE knows about it and we have 3 people waitlisted for this bag already!!"

    Anyway, i walk in and the minute they see me 4 SA's swamp me..."you're the lady with the cabas!!".

    As they take the bag out of the dustbag, at least 4 shopping customers descend upon it like hawks, causing an SA to lift it high in the air and carry it away exclaiming "This bag is already sold!!!"

    there was more clamouring as everyone demanded to know what she meant, sold, and she explained that another customer's card had already been charged for it.

    In the meantime I tried on other bags in peace, giggling. (Will post my loot when the last of it arrives next week, so happy!! Got white washed caviar jumbo with bijou chain and am awaiting black/grey washed caviar wallet. And the perfume Bois des Iles LOL).

    Now, I wonder what they would have done if I'd called up and said (as was my right, after all, since the bag technically belonged to me until i returned it) that I'd changed my mind and was no longer coming? Would they have refunded the customer to whom they sold something that they didn't actually have in stock?

    But anyway all's well that ends well, I'm soooo happy!!:yahoo:Hope the new humongous baby cabas owner is happy too!!!:wlae:
  2. Haha that's funny. I don't see why they were so in demand for it though. All my stores around me who sell Chanel have the bag in stock hehe.
  3. That's funny! Thanks for sharing.
  4. that is real funny :p
  5. Great story, & glad to know you've made another person so happy.
    P.S. your baby is so cute!
  6. Baby cabas riot narrowly averted, :roflmfao: Enjoy your new jumbo flap & wallet.
  7. Good thing I wasn't there. If it was the khaki, I may have had to wrestle someone to the ground.
  8. Glad you returned it and got something that was more to your liking. Maybe the SA just told the other customers that it was already sold ( and paid for), and it really wasn't. She just wanted to avert a riot. I bet the other customers there would have all been ready to pay for it, and how could she choose one over another? So she HAD to tell them it was already paid for.

    Can't wait to see pictures of what you DID get!
  9. You're right QuirkyCool:yes:!when I first saw the 2 new versions I had to wait in line at the boutique just to take a glimpse at them lol! They'd caused a panic in there!:bagslap:
    Glad you got yourself a bag you like which BTW is gorgeous having double flaps instead of one jumbo has and the new chain! Can't wait for your pics when you get it!oh Congrats on the wallet too !it will make a nice contrast against the bag's colour !I'm drooling already hehe!:drool::tup:
  10. lol omg i would've swamped around the bag like a magnet too if i didn't have one! but luckily i did ;) this situation was funny lol. reminds me of the reissue situation i had. i was in the boutique to get my reissue b/c my SA told me i had to go down that day to buy it otherwise the bag would be sold to the next customer on the list (i didn't even get on the list lol) so it was first come first serve basis. i went there immediately after school, my SA took out the bag for me and i grabbed it with all my life and told my SA that i wanted it. she walked away for a few moments and every customer in the boutique was eyeing on and pointing at my reissue, i had to sling it over my arm to 'tell' them it was mine LOL and too bad you could only look! acks!! my mom didn't understand what the fuss was all about, she just thought the reissue was another normal chanel bag. :push: then my SA returned and i quickly told her to wrap it up before anything nasty happens LOL. it was funny!! i felt like my reissue was violated (eye-molested of sorts) hahaha! :roflmfao:

    oh, i almost forgot! modeling pics of your new goodie please! :graucho:
  11. LOLOL ladydeluxe, eye-violated,know exactly what you mean!! What colour reissue did you get?

    Starbrite, boutiques in Europe do not seem to have received terribly rich pickings on the cabas front this season, and from calling around I was told that this bag was definitely sold out in Holland and Belgium at least with no new stock expected.

    Chanelspell, that must have been a funny viewing queue!!

    Gacat, my little boy says "Thank you"!! (at least I think that that's what tahtahtahtah means LOL).

    Yup can't wait for the wallet to arrive, then I will take and post piccies.
  12. ^ lol yes it was!! instead of behaving properly in the boutique, i couldn't be bothered and was just worried about getting my hands on the reissue and the moment i gave my cc, it was like a deep sigh of relief LOL. i've gotten the black with gold h/w 07A reissue 227. heh heh it's a rare find!! they only had 2 that came in and i managed to snag one up :graucho:
  13. QuirkyCool and Ladydeluxe - your stories are hilarious!! :roflmfao: If I had not already got my baby Cabas, I think I might just turn out to be one of those ladies ready to fight tooth and nail to get my hands on one too!!! Though I think the SA only told them that to get them to back off. So much for classy behaviour in a classy store!!! Thanks for sharing :roflmfao:
  14. Haha, that's funny :roflmfao:

    Congrats on finding something that you really love! Can't wait to see your gorgeous flap and wallet!
  15. LOL that sounds so funny. Congrats on your new purchases as well! Pics!!!