funny scary story on a kindergarten

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  1. ok, sooooo.... it happens in a school in my town.

    WWF had a campaign about global warming programs that goes from school to school, now this happens on a day where parents and children aged 5 and 7 of a certain school participate in the program.

    the WWF borrowed a computer, LCD, projector etc from the sponsor.
    and on the day, there's mis coordination, the event was late, the computer and LCD doesn't work.
    and finally when it's all happening, when they was supposed to show a VCD about the global warming, one of the people in charged clicked the wrong file from the computer and.......... it turns out to be an X-rated film :wtf:

    people were panicked, and the person who's in charged was also panicked so the movie was shown to all participants which is including a lot of children until hmm.. sorry... ejaculation part!

    and the parents were freaking out because of that and the children have mixed output, some are crying, some screaming and some are... clapping!
  2. ^^Really? I find that kind of hard to believe. No-one had the sense to pull a power cable somewhere if they couldn't figure out what was wrong?
  3. LMAO @ the clapping.

    It's terrible that those kids had to see something like that, but they probably wouldn't have reacted that way (crying) had the parents not been freaking out and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Poor kids.
  4. I agree. The kids wouldn't be reacting to that if the parents hadn't been freaking out.

    This reminds me of a news story about a Disney Preschool channel in New Jersey got in trouble for accidental crossed wires where a porno was shown instead of normal programming.
  5. :wtf:
  6. Cable shows porn on Disney Channel

    Press Assoc. - Friday, May 4 01:19 pm
    A cable television company has launched an investigation after small children ended up watching hardcore porn when they tuned into their favourite cartoon on the Disney Channel.

    Paul Dunleavy, a Middletown, New Jersey, subscriber to cable giant Comcast, was stunned on Tuesday morning to find his five-year-old son watching something other than Handy Manny, a cartoon show about a bilingual Latino handyman and his talking tools.
    "It was two people doing their thing, it was full-on and it was disgusting," the father-of-three told The New York Daily News.
    "I couldn't believe it. We try to do the right thing to protect our kids from this stuff, and then they broadcast it on children's TV."
    Comcast spokesman Fred DeAndrea said that the programming error had occurred at around 9.30am on Tuesday. He described it as an "isolated issue in a local New Jersey facility".
    "We automatically detected the issue and it was corrected promptly. We apologise to any customer who experienced an issue yesterday morning," said DeAndrea, who said the mistake was made by his company, not Disney.
    DeAndrea would not say for how long the pornography was broadcast, how many homes it reached, how the mistake happened and whether anyone would be disciplined.
    A Disney Channel spokeswoman said the company has asked Comcast for assurances that appropriate measures were taken to prevent such incidents from happening again.
    The state Board of Public Utilities, which regulates the cable industry in New Jersey, has asked to meet Comcast bosses to discuss the matter.
    "We value the trust that parents have in our programming and certainly take yesterday's regrettable programme disruption extremely seriously," said Disney Channel's Karen Hobson. "Comcast has taken full responsibility for this situation, and we understand that they are currently working to determine the root cause of the incident."

  7. I believe that children watching violence on TV affects them more than if they were to watch sex.

    What happened in New Jersey and in the kindergarten class was unfortunate, but it wasn't like people were doing it on purpose. Now everybody is going to overreact and act like these mean, evil people are out to corrupt the minds of the poor, sweet, innocent little children. As I've said earlier, it was an unfortunate mistake. Apologies should be made, steps should be taken to fix it, and everybody should just move on.
  8. what!!!!OMG!:wtf:
  9. :wtf: :wtf: Awful!
  10. :wtf: :nuts: That is crazy and sad!
  11. That's hilarious! Slightly disturbing, but the image of parents freaking out is just too funny.
  12. Wow, I would have removed my child IMMEDIATELY from the room.
  13. "You see that, Honey? That's what's known as the Money Shot."
  14. You know how you can tell which gas station attendants were former porn stars? When they're just about finished pumping the gas, they take the hose out of the tank and spray it all over the hood of the car.
  15. ^ Hahaha! Too funny!