Funny SA Story

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  1. I went to the factory store near me yesterday with my Jenny 12501 on. None of the SA's at the factory store had seen one. One asked me about it and I told her what it was called. So she calls over one of the other SA's whose name happened to be Jenny to look at it. It was so cute. They both oohed and aahed over it.

    Here is a pic of the Jenny from the Japan website, in case no one knows what it looks like. I'm a sucker for crossbody purses.

  2. ^^That's cute! I love the Jenny. I love that flower detail! So pretty!!!
  3. cute story and bag!
  4. I really like that bag it's cute!
  5. That bag is totally cute!! Is the flower attached to the flap or is it hanging from a chain or something (like the lozenge does)? I can't tell from the pic...
  6. Love love love the flower! So adorable!
  7. haha, that is really cute... I love when the SA's go ga-ga over the bag your carrying!
  8. i love the flower on it!
  9. The flower comes with the bag. It is on the same chain as the hang tag. The Japan site has a denim one that is too cute, but not available here. Trust me, I tried to get it. Style no. 12533. I'm sooooo hoping they bring this one to the US too.

  10. Oh, the flower is so cute :heart: