*funny* SA at Nordies today

  1. Just wanted to share with you this story...

    I was at Nordies today and spotted a Paddington style messenger on sale. I was trying this one, and the a male SA comes by and comments on it. "Wow, I haven't seen it before, what's that?" Apparantly, he knew it was a Chloe, so I just said, "It's a paddington style messenger bag, cuz it has a lock on it." I asked my mom to try it on, but my mom comments that it's too heavy.

    Now the SA says, "Just take the lock off, it's half the wait right there."
    This is me... :sweatdrop: "....................."
    I try not to laugh at him and said this jokingly, "haha, if you take it off, it won't be a paddington anymore!"
    Of course, at this point, he goes, "It's still a chloe...."

    Poor guy....he has no clue...
  2. Which Nordies was it? I tried on a similar Chloe at San Francisco Nordies on Thursday and I swear it weighed 6 lbs. It was chocolate brown and you wouldn't want to take the padlock off!
  3. Same one! SF Nordies. I bet it's the same bag. =) I just couldn't believe my ears...Take the Pad lock off of a Paddington. eeeeeeeek....he needs a training course. but then I bet he'll never say it again after this. *We love our Chloes!*
  4. Too funny - I agree I would never take the lock off but god was that bag heavy. I have a front pocket paddington and I swear it's not even close in weight. Sounds like the same SA who helped me. He was pretty funny. I was shocked to see the few Chloe bags they had - I never see Chloe there.
  5. Haha, he was really funny...very nice too.

    Yep, I was thinking the same thing, and I asked him about it. He said that they had some Chloes in just for the sale. They should be bringing more and more in after this.
  6. Hi Gingerfarm! That's great news about the SF Nordies -- I was there 2 days ago and I only saw Ediths but no paddingtons. Can you describe the messenger bag you saw? Did it look just like a paddington satchel with 2 shorter handles and a longer strap, or did it just have a strap?

  7. This one only has a longer strap and didn't look like a satchel. The strap wasn't long enought to wear crossbody tho...There may be a way to change the strap, but I couldn't figure it out there. The bag itself has a rounded bottom, and two zippers that you can use to expand the bag. HTH!
  8. lol :lol:
  9. Oh! I did see that one! Sigh...I wish the SF Nordies would carry the medium satchels.

  10. Take the lock off---NO WAY. Suffer for style!
  11. The SA should be fired;). Take the lock off, what was he thinking:nogood:.
  12. What a funny story! I think he should come in here and learn a few things before continuing his work in the handbag dept. hehe
  13. And what would he say to someone complaining about the height of Manolo heels? "Just cut the heel off!" LOL! :roflmfao:
  14. Lemme guess, his name is Sean? Are we talking the Nordies at SF Centre (westfield?) If so, I SO know what you mean, he's funny that way.