Funny purse story! :)

  1. :weird: Dirty plane, or what?
    Gucci, Gucci, gone - Yahoo! News
  2. dangit, there's video out there of the incident but i can't find it on youtube.
  3. someone find that video! wow, that's too much. she refused to put her bag on the floor in front of her? I mean it's a carpet floor. I wanna see what kind of bag it was. christ, even that's too much. what a retard.
  4. Even my husband saw this one and said "well at least I know YOU would never do that!" He knows because the last time we flew, I did have a new Gucci bag with me. But instead of worrying about it and being a brat like this person, I kept it in its lovely Gucci dustbag and I also bought it a tote bag (Talbots clearance) to transport it in. My bag that I carried that day to actually use was my LV Damier Speedy 30, which is much more durable for that kind of trip.

    If she didn't want her bag mussed, she should have flown on a private jet! LOL
  5. I think that whole story is hysterical! I have a friend who wouldn't disrupt a flight, but will have her bags professionally cleaned if a security guard or someone has to put his or her hands in her bag! :P