Funny purse stories?

  1. A friend of mine recently returned from vacation and had a story to share. On her last night, she and hubby decided to dine at a Japanese steakhouse. It was one of those places where the meal was prepared tableside by a talented and very entertaining chef. I guess the chef was trying to make a volcano out of a pile of onions, and somehow, flames started shooting her way! Hubby got up and practically flew across the room, but my friend, well, she started to run then had second thoughts...and ran back to grab her red jumbo flap LOL.

    Being purseaholics, I think we ladies can act a times lol. I myself can recall one late afternoon in April when it just started POURING out. My bf scrambled to get our umbrella open and shelter me, but I shook my head and yelled, "no, not me, save my lamb!" (I was referring to my black e/w.)

    So, I was wondering--what funny purse stories do you ladies have to share?!
  2. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: only purse lovers could understand this...thanks for sharing!
  3. LOL we're such purseaholics!
  4. Here's mine.... I was visting some friends in Florida (mind you I'm from Southern California) as usual it was steaming hot weather, so I decided to go shoe shopping, I was there for 2 hours and as soon as I came out of the mall, I was caught in a RAINSTORM, I tried to put my big jumbo flap under my tank top but it did not I dashed back into mall to get a plastic bag, asked the SA to please give a plastic she said to me "oh honey you dont want to ruin your hair", so I replied...huh? not my hair my BAG!, she looked at me like I was an alien... I grab the plastic bag and put my jumbo flap caviar bag safely inside.. and left happy.....btw they are no rainstorms here in Southern I was happy to be back home!
  5. I love this thread - too funny!!!:roflmfao:

    When we go out to eat I always ask for a table with one more chair than people in my party - if I am carrying my GSTs or other large bag, for the bag to sit in. Next I will be buying them a extra plane ticket so they can have their own seat...hehehe:p
  6. I'm loving these stories lol! And my bf thought I was the only one :smile:
  7. One day I was getting ready to leave work and it was down pouring outside. My co-workers felt bad for me and fetched me a garbage bag. I was like, perfect, and I put my purse in the bag and left myself totally uncovered. They still tease me about that! lol
  8. Haha, this is great! :roflmfao: Hmm, I guess I don't have one specific story, but I'll share my "insanity!" :nuts:

    My b/f always teases me that I love my bags more than him, because if we're out to dinner, I periodically "check" my bag to see if it's okay haha :rolleyes:, and when we're in his car, I always set my bag carefully in the back seat all to itself... haha, I'm surprised I don't have a car seat for it, since it is my "baby!" :p

    Ohh, and like Purrrfect, if I have a tote or something bigger, I always set it in its own chair (never on the ground, eww)... I'm surprised it doesn't get it's own meal too! :p
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: don't have a story, but keep them coming...
  10. I don't have any funny stories about sheltering a bag, like these, but I have a somewhat amusing one from my birthday this year. My bf is pretty clueless on purses. I LIKE it that way, because it's easier to keep him in the dark about how much I spend on them. Anyway, he's a dear, and he decided that for my present he was going to hire one of my favorite bands (an indie band from LA called Lemon Sun, who opened for The Killers a couple times) to play on a stage we built in our backyard. It was the sweetest gift ever, but the band had apparently asked about what to get me as a gift, and he told them that I like "Coach purses". LOL. I don't even have a Coach purse, except for a little satin evening bag that I bought a long time ago. Anyway, they ended up buying me a very hip beat up brown leather messenger bag from a vintage shop (that is how they do their merchandise- they buy funky shirts, etc. from vintage stores and then put their logos on it, so they end up selling on-off things with their logo) that they put their logo on. :love: It was very sweet of them to buy me something though (actually they got me a bunch of stuff, but that is another story!), but everytime I look at that purse I kind of laugh, even though I like to pull it out and use it from time to time. :p (I'm gonna get around to posting this story and the pictures of the bag in the Coach forum sometime!)
  11. OMG. I LOVE this thread! LOL.

    I don't have a bag sheltering story, but I have a cute one about a budding fashionista. So my baby sister and I were visiting my other sister, who has a 3.5 year old daughter. My niece Kaitlyn is quite girly and loves pink and purple things. For my baby sister's graduation, I gave her a violet E/W caviar flap. When Kaitlyn saw it, she grabbed it and claimed that she loved it and it was small and perfect for her. We all laughed and took it back and put it on the kitchen counter. Well, later that night, as we were leaving for dinner, and Kaitlyn was in bed, my sister couldn't find her bag! We looked all over the kitchen and it was no where to be found! We had to wait til the next morning to ask Kaitlyn if she knew what had happened to it. She took my baby sister's hand, took her to her room, opened the closet door, and there it was! Nestled in a drawer with all her Hello Kitty and other sparkly pink and purple stuff! She said she "cleaned up the kitchen and was helping to put it away"!!! Because "Mommy said not to make messes in the kitchen!" LOL. My sister had to get her a Hello Kitty backpack to trade for the violet flap, and also promised not to make messes in the kitchen with her bags again. LOL.
  12. OK this is pathetic. I had purchased an off white Jimmy Choo Theola Ross to use for when I am on biz travel and wearing lighter colored suits. So, the first time I took her on travel I brought the dustbag so I could store her in it when I had to put her under the seat in front of me, cause no way was I putting her directly on the floor, ICK! THe people around me looked at me like I was a nutter.
    So even though this is the Chanel fourm I wanted to share..
  13. Hahaha these are funny. I do always ask for an extra chair at the table when I eat out to put my purse on. The waiter sometimes looks at me like I am nuts haha.:p

  14. I know what you mean - I always got looked at a bit strange - now I say there is another person "on the way".... who never shows.

    While at the Twin Palms in Pasadena for brunch one Sunday, I asked the waiter for a fresh cloth napkin to cover my GST from the water mist spray used to keep people sitting under the outdoor tent part cool.....he looked at me real strange...:nuts:
  15. I just got back from a vacation on Cape Cod, and going through Security at Boston's Logan airport forgot I had left a tube of hand cream in my tote (Nine West, LOL!). Inside the tote was my black Cambon bowler. Of course I was targeted for investigation and had to watch the Security guy manhandle my bowler searching for the alarm trigger. I didn't want to call attention to my inner panic attack so when he finally pulled the cream out and started the lecture about whether or not to give it back I was like "Keep it! I don't need it! while lunging for my bag. He was happy I didn't make a fuss about giving it up but it was really the last thing on my mind.