funny poll - designer purses or jewelry?


Purses or jewelry?

  1. Designer purse(s) and or accessories

  2. Jewelry

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  1. Okay you have a set amount you can spend - lets say $3500. Do you buy a great purse and some accessories or jewelry? Whats your preference and why? What jewelry would you choose?:flowers:
  2. for 3.5 i would get a bag.
    i simply can´t find fabulous jewelery for that price (please do not get this wrong) but if it is more well then it depends but usually my jewelery addiction beats out my purse addiction so jewels first bags second. unless it is a bag i have been after for along time and suddenly it becomes obtainable then i would wait with the jewelery and get the bag
  3. Hmmmm. 58 views and only 9 votes. I thought it was a fun pole but I guess most did not. OH well.
  4. For $3.5K I would definitely go for the jewelry. Unless you're buying Hermes, once you're at that level of $$ for a handbag, it doesn't really *show* more than spending $1K IMO.

    I'd go for a quality piece of jewelry ~ something in tanzanite.
  5. I have a 'thing' about buying myself jewelry. . . so I'd buy handbags, shoes, clothing, access. . .
    DH needs to be footing the bill for my bling!
  6. i agree with you swanky. i would never buy myself jewellery. i think its weird, no offence to anyone who enjoys it! on the otherhand, i have no problem spending 3.5k on a new delish bag!
  7. i never buy myself serious jewellery either. just little fun things. so it would definitely be a bag.
  8. Really?! I buy myself jewelry all the time.:shrugs:
  9. I don't think it's weird either. I mean, only I know my own taste best.

    For 3500 I would opt for the bag. A great bag at that price would really make a statement. I love diamonds and I wouldn't get much (good quality) bling for the same price, and it wouldn't make as much of a statement. Up that to 5K and I would definitely choose jewelry.
  10. I would buy a bag. I don't think I'd spend that much on jewelry for myself.
  11. Jewelry for me...:love:

    Tiffany Rose Ring: $2350.00
  12. That is gorgeous!!!
  13. When I was working full time, I did, too. It's fun...and empowering. :wlae: I found that it set a certain tone: the better I bought for myself, the better he'd buy for me. :supacool:
  14. Well, if someone wants to buy $3500 of jewelry from me I'd do a super happy dance. HA HA HA! LOL

    However, if I had that much "extra" cash I'd be hard pressed to not spend it on jewelry making supplies. If, however, it was strictly supposed to go to jewelry or a bag...I'd have to say a bag.

    Maybe several bags. :smile:
  15. I guess for me it would depend if there was a specific designer bag I wanted at the time of this extra $$$...I can always find some bling that I like!