Funny Pic of My Noé...

  1. Did you know that the Noé was originally made to carry champagne bottles? It was created to make transporting 6 bottles at a time easier....
    Funny, since tonight I actually needed to bring 2 bottles with me to a friend's house for dinner....and with a young baby, and no free wonderful Azur Noé truly served it's purpose--actually dual purposes, since it also was my purse this evening!!!
  2. Haha!
    That's interesting~ I never knew that!

    At least you served the rightful purpose of the Noe! XD
  3. That's so cute!
  4. lol- you're probably the first in many years to us eit for that purpose :p It's absolutely gorgeous btw
  5. Cool pic. I love my petit red epi noe, would love to have one in every colour!
  6. This would be a great pic to post in the "what's in my LV thread" !! dont think I've seen a pic with champagne inside yet ;)
  7. Great pic! That is too cute!
  8. Now that you mention it, it makes total sense! LOL :p
  9. Love it!! :lol:
  10. I love that you found out the Noe's original purpose, very chic. Great pictures!
  11. Nice!!
  12. Love it! Oh the things we learn on tpf...
  13. LOL! Way to make correct usage of your Noe, it looks great!
  14. ya it is the history of the bag :yes:
  15. great photo! thanks for sharing!