Funny phone call I just got

  1. I moved in November of last year and got a new home phone number. I have been getting all kinds of strange phone calls, but they are getting more weird. At first they were just what I assume are bill collector's auto dialers calling to see if anyone picks up. If I did pick up, nobody was there.

    Then they moved on to recordings left or actual people calling for a guy named Lawrence Light. I try to answer them and tell them they have the wrong number in hopes they might stop. The calls with nobody on the line have pretty much stopped but I do still get a fair amount of bill collectors or soliciters or whatever they are asking for this dude.

    So then I get a call that is identified on the caller ID as being FROM none other than Lawrence Light. So I answer it and hear nothing, say hello again, and finally a lady says, "Oh, I think I have the wrong number." Weird.

    So then the same lady calls again but this time after pausing for a few seconds asks if it's the Light residence. I tell her no, end of story. But why is someone with their number listed under this man's name calliing looking for him?

    Anyway, a few minutes ago I get a call that says it's from a private number. I didn't answer it and here is the message that was left on my answering machine.
  2. Hahahaha, holy crap! That is too funny. I feel bad that you got that bothersome number, but hopefully it is keeping you amused. I am still laughing. That woman was MAD! :roflmfao:
  3. Too funny!!! That woman was nutty!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I actually had the same thing happen to me with a previous number. I would get so many phone calls for this lady. I even got calls from her kids' elementary school. You would think she would at least give them her new number for emergency situations.

    Then one day my caller ID showed that she herself was calling. Just like what happened with you. I picked up the line but it sounded like a young teenage boy. He didn't say much.

    After a long time, it got really annoying. I got so tired of bill collectors calling for her that I had my number changed.
  4. omg, sorry u had to go through that. That is one crazy lady whose voice is pitch high. Haha.
  5. Too funny!:wtf:
  6. lol, that's too funny!

    Sounds like a few teenagers (who cannot act or put up a good fake accent) trying to have a little bit of fun
  7. Our number is one digit off of the local hairdressers school. I can count on half of our calls being wrong or hangups...
  8. That message was hilarious!!! I've had the same phone number for over 5 yrs and yet I still get a few calls for a particular woman who must have had debt problems. Luckily, we only get maybe two or three calls during the entire year for her but it's so stupid that the caller doesn't listen to our answering message that clearly states our names and not the person that they are looking for!
  9. "I will see YOU on FRI-DAY."

    haha wow thats funny but im sorry that you have to deal with all those annoying calls!!
  10. Free entertainment, hope the calls stop, or call your phone company and request a new number. That's unfortunate when you get assigned a new number, you just never know! Ugh, good luck sweetie!
  11. Free entertainment:roflmfao:, hope the calls stop:tup:, or call your phone company and request a new number:rolleyes:. That's unfortunate when you get assigned a new number, you just never know! Ugh, good luck sweetie:idea:!
  12. Hilarious!!! I too had a recycled phone number when I first moved here...wish I had saved a few answering machine messages! TMI with medical stuff, yikes.
  13. Jesus....too funny! Lately, this real estate agent keeps phoning my house. Honestly, how many times can you dial a wrong number?
  14. haha - that was funny. sounds like a woman looking for her ex for alimony - did you hear the kids in the background?

    i'd just get a new number.
  15. maybe she thinks he is having an affair, and hiding at your place