Funny Parisian Fake Story

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  1. I was walking around in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower, by myself with my damier azur pochette clès attached to a belt buckle on my jeans

    I guess it did look rather careless since while walking around rather quickly it was flipping around everywhere but since I've had those jeans for some time now I wasn't worried about color transfer or anything

    Anyways, as I started to walk slower to take a picture of the Eiffel tower, I noticed some girl was staring at it. It started getting really annoying. She had "uhhuh that is soooo not real!!!". Well soon enough she started approaching me and she went, in french of course: euh...hi all i wanted to know is if that was real (she was so expecting me to say no so then she could walk away all proud and stuff)
    me: (bluntly) yes
    her: how much was it
    me: expensive

    and then she quickly turned around and left :roflmfao: I had such a good time I hope it happens again
  2. OMG how rude of her, lol, I woulda been so miffed. *gets violent*
  3. that is pretty much my response every time someone asks me that question
  4. Once again I am shocked at the audacity of some people. Amazingly rude. Great answer when you said "expensive". No one's business how much you pay for ANYTHING. I am shaking my head.
  5. Exactly! Never ever tell anyone how much your bag cost. It's just NOTB (none of their business).
  6. The first question my friends and family ask me when they see anything new is "how much". It gets very frustrating. My usual response is "more than I care to admit" or "more than you would guess" or something like that. I don't understand why people feel it is their business.
  7. Yeah, Whenever people ask me that, I feel like they're "mocking" or "sarcastic" or something... Like they think I'm just a spoiled kid 'cos I use an LV item.
  8. Just shows there are so many rude people all over the world.
  9. funny story! love your reply.
  10. LOL...thanks for sharing..I am going to use your reply everytime someone asks me that abnoxious question.
  11. What really surprises me is that these people have no problem with asking people how much things cost or ask if something is real if they doubt it. I mean I would never dare say anything out loud like "that has to be a fake" even if I do think it. It just really surprised me but I'm happy with the way I reacted. I think it's rather "classy" to answer that way instead of, for example, yelling at her then grabbing her hair, pull some out and smunch in her face all while screaming to the world that buying a fake helps support child labor, terrorism and organised crime....just for example :shame:
  12. :roflmfao: Great story and great response -- tell it like it is! She should be ashamed for being so rude -- like it was any of her business anyway!
  13. You showed class with your reply.
    She showed the lack of hers with her question.
  14. Some people are so rude.
  15. Sometimes I wonder why people care whether it's fake or real.