Funny/Original Halloween Costumes?

  1. Anyone have any great ideas? I hate to purchase actual costumes but think it is fun to put something completely original together. Last year we did "Devil wears Prada"....Prada logo T, big Prada logo backpack, devil horns and tail. Got so many compliments and no one else had it. I am stumped this year...any thoughts anyone????
  2. A couple of years ago, my girl friend was "a mover and a shaker" it was really cute. She just put some overalls on, put a moving company on the back. The toool belt is full of bar stuff, and of course the martini shaker.

  3. Where are you from ?? Are you looking for the traditional scary Halloween (outside US) or "sexy" costum ??
    I´m only remembering my first Halloween party in US when I was 21 and turned as a "dark evil angel" and was the ONLY one covered (with black)....surrounded by Playboy bunnies and Hoola girls !!!! I was like ":wtf: "(The French girl thinking the country was puritain !") Talk about culture shock !!
  4. Very funny...can not do the martini can not do "sexy" either. Everyone wants to be the Spice Girls but I think that is played.
  5. My friend once got a mattress and wrote Florida, added an orange and head hole and wore it. he also added a sign that said: "parents who did not help with school project" a la Lisa in the Simpson's.

    one of my friends has gone as a 80's Prom. I know it seems already done but she was hilarious. she found this old green puffy sleeved dress, wore a crocheted orange wrap and electric blue Maryjane's. She also has a side ponytail w/ scrunchy, oversize glasses and to top it off bright red lipstick, with a convenient amount smeared on her teeth. I was laughing at her all night.

    My friends went as skittles once as well, it was different but was boring IMO.
  6. I went as red bull one year.. know how they say it gives you wings? Got a pair of cheap wings and a can of red bull. Voila! cheap college student style, too!
  7. ^ Hahahaha that's awesome :roflmfao:

    The most "original" costume I can remember from high school is some girl dressing up as grapes!!! She got all these purple ballons and tied them together to form a grape.. it's kind of hard to explain but she looked awesome!

    Kind of like that:

    Except with real balloons! :p

  8. :nuts:MY moms best friend used to do that, he last name was graves so she would introduce herself and **** Grapes! :yahoo:
  9. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Not really original.. but I had to share! These are my babies, Coby & Peanut. :p
    And they were absolutely miserable while we were taking pictures. LOL.:angel:
  10. SO and I were going to dress up in twin lobster costumes because of the myth that "lobsters mate for life" and walk in to the room claw-in-claw. But the inaccuracy was bothering nerd-Mcgee right here so we decided to do matching penguin costumes, since they mate for life at least most of the time. Geese and ducks mate for life, but that just didn't strike our fancy hah
  11. well we are down to a couple of ideas...The White Stripes, or Amy Winehouse giant beehive wigs, etc...a la Hairspray the Movie. I am not thrilled with either actually. LV...your pups are too cute.
  12. I don't know if this is school appropriate, but it has a funny yet dark side to it IMO. My husband and I once took mini cereal boxes and glued them all over a t-shirt. We then took plastic knives and stabbed the boxes and dripped some blood out of the boxes. We were serial killers! Kind of cheezy, but we got tons of laughs and compliments!
  13. I like the Devil wears Prada idea.. so cute. I can't be much help since I trying to think of a costume myself!

    What about going as one of the "socialites" that are so popular.. Do a Paris Hilton wearing the black and white stripes from jail? You could play with that idea.
  14. A year or two ago my bf and his friend attended a party... fully clothed in regular attire... they just had signs with them that said "nudists on strike" which was cheap, and I thought it was creative:p
  15. No Paris allowed! Not really but it is kind of taboo since she and/or her sister apparently attended this school for a short time when they were younger. I like the nudists on strike and the cereal killers but neither appropriate for school. It is hard to top the Devil Wears Prada from last was a huge hit. I am feeling Halloween pressure!