Funny or Racist?

  1. This is a video of stand up comedian Anjelah Johnson.

    I think this video is very funny and she does a great imitation of the Vietnamese accent.

    So do you think it is racist or funny?

    IMO, I think it's incredibly funny. It's also very true :p
    People need to calm down and just look at the funny side of it. She isn't putting Vietnamese people down, just sharing a personal experience in a comical manner. Agree? Watch the vid, very funny! :okay:
  2. I liked it! It's very much like my experiences (sorry guys)....and I don't think it's racist. Is it racist? I hope not. I'm not a racist - I thought it was funny! My favorite part is when the nail lady "Tammy" started chattering at the end when she had to redo a nail. Soooo true!!! :nuts:
  3. ITA!

    "No, that's your finger DO LIKE THAT."

    wow, hilarious!
  4. Thanks for the laugh :roflmfao: and no I didn't find it racist in the least.There's a big difference between being racist and telling it like it is ;).
  5. I saw this a while ago. I think it's hilarious and so accurate.
  6. Thanks for posting!!! I needed that laugh today!!! I find it VERY funny and not a bit racist. The only line she needs to add is "Pick a color".
  7. No problem ladies!
    I wish people posted these videos more!
    They are great when you are having a bad day.
    Someone had emailed this to me and I was laughing so hard in my office, my secretary was just staring at me like I was a maniac from outside the window. Maybe I should get sound proof windows? :roflmfao:

    Russel Peters does very good imitations of different accents as well.
  8. Wack, sorry.
  9. :shrugs:

    Sense of humor people...?
  10. I'm Vietnamese and even showed it to my Vietnamese parents...we all laughed so hard we started to cry!
  11. amazing that is the funniest thing mom is asleep and i am trying so hard not to laugh it didnt work
  12. The Vietnamese immitation is funny. Anyone offended by her would probably put a hit out on Lisa Lampanelli
  13. My computer is much too venerable and stately to load videos, but it would be very racist to experience a funny incident and fail to recreate it to the best of your ability just because of the funny person's ethnicity.
  14. I saw that a while ago on youtube. I don't feel it was racist. She wasn't being malicious about it. Would it have been offensive if she was an American Vietnamese with an "american" accent making the jokes? Its like people imitating other nationalities. Since I am mixed with so many different nationalities, I would have to stay home in bed if I got offended by every joke about any of them. I wish the comedian would get more material.