Funny Moca/Murakami in L.A. Times

  1. There was a little article today about the Moca/Murakami event. During the opening the people paid big bucks to have a dinner. With the dinner came a Murakami smiley-face flower covered placemat. Well, seems some of the well-heeled were swiping placemats from their neighbors when they got up from their seats and left their place unattended, and later folks were boo-hoo-ing because some got "none" of the placemats while others got several.
  2. Sweet!, even the priviliged can act like everyone else when it comes to "collectable" things.......
  3. aw that sucks
  4. let's see who's gonna be selling several on eBay............:supacool::roflmfao:
  5. Haha, how amusing! But those flower smileys are so cute...I'd be tempted to take someone else's too..that is, only if they didn't want it in the first place! :lol:
  6. Just shows that money can't buy class! (manners, anyone? :p) I'd like to see what these place mats look like though.
  7. :yes: same here!