Funny Macy's Story


Nov 13, 2010
So, I was lukcy enough to get three 1941 bags at the Macy's F&F sale - Green (fern) Suede Rouge, Beechwood Rogue and Black Linked rouge tote. They were 30% off. (I'm trying not to buy bags and just use what I have in my closet. I've been selling bags off too on eBay, I've only bought two bags in two years. But alas, I went a bit crazy at Macy')

I had not used the green suede yet, so I took it back to Macy's and bought it for less from Coach today. I rather buy from Coach directly because I like my sales manager and she takes such good care of me. I don't buy a lot of bags, Maybe one expensive one a year, but she treats me like I buy more and she understands I like sales and I buy and sell on eBay too to manage the number of bags I have. So, I want to keep her happy and taking care of me.

So, anyhoo, back to Macys, they needed to have a sales manager approve the return becasue my local Macy's does not carry the 1941 line. She looooved the green suede and said are you sure you want to return it? Yes I said and then, I said, wait to you see the other one and I'm really torn about whather to return it (it's not on sale at Coach). She took the black linked tote out of the bag and was amazed at it Said, to me, now, the green one I understand, but this black one, it's basic black, but it's not and it's amazing. She continued, I make no money from saying this, I have your best interest in heart, you want to keep this bag, you will use it forever! Meanwhile the other sales woman had returned it, and I said, I think it was just returned, can I get the same price? She said no, and then said, wait, we can void the return transaction and that you must keep the bag. So, well, I did. :smile: It was really funny, she made such fuss and it was so much fun to have someone fuss over my bags.

I had my Coach Madision Shoulder Bag in Black today and manager from Macys said she loved that too and I must come in and show her all my bags.

My guess is I will keep it. :smile:
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