Funny LV wallet story


Dec 27, 2005
Darling hubby seems to want to wash his jeans after he does yard and garden work. Fine with me. Well once again (3rd time) he washed his jeans with his LV wallet in them. At least he catches it before the dryer. The wallet gets stuffed with paper towels and is perfect the next day. I thought he ruined it the first time but wow LV sure is sturdy. It does make me laught that one can do it but I guess there have been worse things happen to our LV's besides a washing machine.:lol:
Feb 13, 2006
jasanna143 said:
Just goes to show you how dang durable those LV's are!

Now if only LV made chapstick. My hubby is always leaving that in there and ruining our clothes!!!

lol I read that quickly and processed 'chapstick' as 'lipstick'. I had to read it over to figure out what your husband is doing with all this lipstick :P