Funny LV story

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  1. My BF took me to the outlets in Lancaster and our first stop is Coach. I was hoping to find some pieces from the Optic Lurex line but no luck. I was determined not to leave the store empty-handed. I asked him if his hands were clean and he said yes so I handed my Speedy 35 over to him so I can actually have my free hands going through piles of bags and see which ones might be functional for me. He was tugging at my shirt and I looked over to see that a SA was talking to him about Speedy. He pointed at me and the SA and I started talking. She asked where I got the Speedy I have and I told her one was bought from the store and one was bought from eLuxury and that I saved tax and shipping on the one from eLuxury. Another SA (a younger one) knew about eLuxury and chimed in for a bit. I then went back to browse only to find BF sticking realllly close by my side 5 minutes later. I asked him what's wrong and he said, "They're like bees. The women won't leave me alone. They either stare at Speedy and say nothing or they start talking to me....asking me questions." That poor boy. He stood in line for me, eager to leave so soon. :shame:

    We left the store with a nice wristlet and a nice hobo. :lol:
  2. Too cute!:lol:
  3. What a nice boyfriend!!! hhehehe...
  4. That's cute! :amuse:
  5. When I ask my hubby to hold my bags, he holds them as far away from him as possible like he's holding a dirty diaper.

  6. HAHAH mine too! He probably doesn't want anyone to think it's his. :lol:
  7. kathyrose i'm so happy to hear that you left with some new bags/purses!!! and thanks for sharing this story with us! its just too cute!!!!
  8. That's a really funny story! I'm glad that you found some cute things from the Coach outlet.

    Like Allison, my boyfriend does something similar when I ask him to hold my bags momentarily. He holds it up with his index finger and far away from his body - kind of like a human "purse hook"....hehe.
  9. I'll try to notice more what guys do when shopping with their girl. I never noticed it until I see girls giggling at my BF, who holds my bags like it's his. LOL.
  10. That story is too cute!! I love stories like that! My DH won't even consider going into one of those stores w/ me. He usually tugs on my hand when we pass stores so I don't go in! Ha!
  11. how cute.
  12. Heehee SuLi.. mine won't even hold my bag... ! I've warned him abt touching "THE LOUIS"! Boys don't keep their hands clean lol :hrmm:

  13. Sounds like your bf (just like fayden's because he was interested enough to read a book on handbags) is a keeper too! There's no way I'd get my DH to hold my bag for me unless I'd just lost an arm to a chainsaw or something. :smile: Coat yes, bag no.
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: My boyfriend does this, too. I'll have to ask him two or three times before he finally gives in and holds the bag.

    kathyrose, your bf sounds so cute :lol: :love: The Speedy is girl magnet!
  15. what a cute story. i can imagine my husband being in the same position except being the people person that he is he'll probably talk them into buying one. LoL.