Funny LV story...

  1. Sorry so long, but read if you need a laugh.

    Ok so on Thursday I was at a business conference all day, so instead of carrying my purse and a tote bag, I decided to just put everything in my Speedy 40 and just carry one bag.

    So during our first bathroom break I noticed a lady behind me had a batignolles, she had it tucked under her arm. I told her, "Oh I love your batignolles." She looked at me with the strangest look on her face and I said "Your LV". Then she understood. I felt a little silly so I said "That's the model name." She looked at me and said "oh well I don't keep up with all that stuff I just grabbed it because I liked it."
    I just smiled and then it was my turn.

    So during our second bathroom break she was behind me again. Now keep in mind I had a male friend watching my seat and my bag so I didn't have it with me for her to see. So this time I said nothing, I just smiled at her. So she looked at me and said, "maybe one day you'll be able to afford a Louis Vuitton too." It kinda took me by surprise so I didn't say anything! Then she goes, "the bathroom stall is open you can go now!" I felt so stupid !!!!

    So I go back to my seat, finally at the end of the day we were getting ready to leave, I put my sunglasses on my head and decided to put on some lipgloss, at the same time I noticed she was talking to someone a couple of rows behind me and that she was kind of watching me. So I pull out my LV make up bag and put on my lipgloss, then I put it up and get all my papers together and stack them neatly then put them in my speedy. So she still can't see my bag, and then I stand up, and loop the bag over my arm and she gets this shocked look on her face. Keep in mind my 40 looked super cute bc I had my bandeau on it.

    Not a second after that, my office manager comes by and says "Oh Hi Mrs. Vuitton!" and gave me a hug. One of the guys giggled bc it's a joke all around the office that I love LV. So then my office manager says, "I swear LV would be smart to hire this woman, she has half their inventory (I don't really) and knows them all my name!" and the guy he was speaking to, my friend says "Yea, she sure was helpful when I wanted to get my wife that one with all the nice colors on it, I didn't even know what it was called." (MC speedy).

    So the whole time she is just listening in shock then she put her batignolles in a large paper bag (we got alot of gifts that day so they gave everyone a bag to carry them home in) and left! !!!!!

    I think she felt embarassed bc of ther nasty bathroom comment...."Maybe one day.................." :lol:

    PS I know I'll see her again bc she works for the title company in the downstairs part of my building, it's going to be hard not to laugh!
  2. I love stories like these!!! :biggrin:
  3. LOL! That is so rich. She must've felt about 2 inches tall. Presumptuous bee-yotch. Kidding. Sort of. That is hilarious.
  4. lol NICE! :biggrin:
  5. she must be kicking herself right about now... :biggrin:
  6. How embarassing for her, but good on you for showing off your lovely bag.
    If that were me and someone could tell me the name of the bag I would automatically assume that they already had LV themselves, It's a wonder she didn't pick up on that.
  7. lol thats funny, i wonder why she automatically assumed you didn't own an LV- I mean if someone came up to me and knew the model name of the lv bag i was carrying i would assume that they probably had some lv's themselves
  8. LOL!!!! :smile: I needed a good story like this!!!
  9. LOL! gosh how embarassing for her!!! if i were her, i wld dig a hole in the ground and disappear!!
  10. Aww my favorite part of the story is how you stayed classy throughout the whole ordeal and didn't provoke anything! Good things come to great people =)

    I hope you do see her again and hopefully you'll be using another LV. I'm sure she'll turn the other way and run!
  11. excellent story.....what a b*&^%$#@
  12. haha- loved the story.. serves her right for making comments like that.. does she think shes the only one in the world with an LV?

    haha. good on you guccigo
  13. Hilarious!!! It's incredible that there are still so many obnoxious people out there that think that carrying a LV means they are better than others :lol:
    Chapeau, Purse Fanatic, for your classy attitude ;)
  14. Serves her right! What a fool! :lol:
  15. That's seriously the BEST story ever... she seriously got what she deserved! :lol: :lol: