Funny LV ignorance story

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What do you think of people who don't know their bags?

  1. Learn it, dammit!

  2. *sigh* tsk, tsk

  3. Well, at least she has taste

  4. I don't care!

  5. Don't get your panties in a bunch- it doesn't matter!

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  1. I was at school today, and noticed that one of the teachers (Not one of mine- I'm in High Acheiver courses :shame: ) had an older, well-loved, oxidized speedy. I considered asking "Is that a 25 or a 30?" but decided to go with
    "Oh! I like your speedy."
    She gave me a weird look and said:
    "WHAT'S THAT?"
    :lol: I almost laughed. I wanted to. I came close. But I politely repsonded:
    "That's the bag you're carrying."
    She laughed it off and said the whole well-I-guess-you-learn-something-everyday thing.
    :lol: It still makes me chortle a little when I think about it
  2. I find that a lot of SA's don't even know the names of most of the bags. I don't mean boutique SA's I mean the ones in dept stores.
    I've asked about the ooba Sienna, Mulberry Phoebe and Rosemary and the Paddy at SAKS and Nemans and at both stores the SA looked at me like I had 3 heads!
  3. It might have been a gift or something... besides not everyone is as obsessed with bags as us!
    I also agree abt the SA's not knowing.. I went into the LV boutique to ask for the Alma and the girl gave me a blank look so I had to point at it.. !
  4. :P :lol:
  5. Seriously! LOL!
    I actually felt weird about it like I was obsessive to actually know this stuff!
  6. I know it sounds funny to you...and it sounded funny to me too, but I was thinking about this and if I ever gave my mother a speedy bag for a present....(she has passed on now) but her mentality, not knowing about current trends and things like that, she would probably reacted the same way. Some women are not obsessed like we are about bags and all this superficial stuff. We know all the names and what is new and who is carrying what....with all the stuff going on in the world today, people starving....homelesss, etc..and .sometimes I think I am such a shallow Person!!!!!!! But I love my bags...go figure...:wacko: :wacko:
  7. Well, when I asked her, I thought that she would know for sure! But, then again, she shops at the same places her students do (:sick: ) and drives an Explorer with spinners. Did I mention she's around 45?!?
  8. ^^ hahahaha.. you are so funny.
  9. Yup when I went into NM, the lady that previously helped me said that they have a white Bbag in stock. I asked her if it was a City, a First or what. She responded with " You know it's a regular purse" :lol: I was TO'd. It was a white Twiggy.
  10. To be bothers me when people on this forum automatically say something is real or fake based on assumption or lack of knowledge when it is the opposite. We are all here to learn from each other but it doesn't help when people make false judgements all the time b/c it only spreads ignorance.

    My motto is: if you don't know for sure then don't say it. And if you're only a little sure, then say so but don't claim otherwise.
  11. Who doubted the authenticity of anything in this thread?
  12. ^^^ That's what I was thinking. :weird:
  13. Huh?
  14. Did I miss something? I think it's o.k when people don't know every detail or the name of the bag they are carrying they are just not so into bags.I think it's a lack of competence if a SA in the store doesn't know it. It's like not knowing how to do their job properly. Just IMO.
  15. I think it's okay. Think about it, it could be a gift.