Funny "Louie" story ....

  1. I was in the Dominican Republic last week with DH, and we went to the restaurant in our hotel. The waiter pulled my chair out for me. I put my red epi Speedy on the floor so I could take the menu he was handing me. After he gave me the menu he walked over to an empty table next to us and pulled a chair over to our table. My husband and I looked at each other with this look:blink:. We thought he was going to sit down and join us. :huh: He then proceeded to pick Louie up off the floor and placed him on the empty chair. How's that for service, huh? We dined in that restaurant two more nights during our stay, and the waiter gave Louie his own chair each time. Waiters need to show Louie the same respect here in the States, don't ya think? :P
  2. OMG!!! How sweet is that!!! That was VERY nice of him indeed!:yes:
  3. How cute!! I always have to self-serve my vuitton by giving it its own chair!
  4. very cute story! I wish more waiters were like this!!
  5. Cute story!!! Now that is a smart man!!!!
  6. Oh great, my red Epi Speedy is now going to demand equal treatment!
    I am going to have to start eating in swankier diners.
  7. That is what i call service!
  8. :cool::cool::cool::cool:!
  9. LOL! That's such a cute story! That's one very savvy waiter.. I bet he got a great tip for that move :biggrin:
  10. Very nice - a man that respects handbags ! :biggrin:
  11. Hhahah awesome story indeed. Hope yall tipped him well!!
  12. that's SOOO CUTE!!!

    i'd love to meet a waiter like that!
  13. i've read somewhere in this forum that in japan, all LV bags get their own chair in most of the restaurants!
  14. WOW!!! Kat you should bring that waiter back to the States and make him look after Louie everytime you go out!!! thats SO cool!!!
  15. OMG how nice is that of him :biggrin: