Funny little story...

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  1. Tonight was family dinner at my parents house, and in walks my little SIL (shes 10 yrs younger than me, so I call her my little sister in law) anyways she has a bag on her shoulder I have never seen her with before - a beige colored Teri Turnlock! Now, my sil is not into bags like I am, so she busts out laughing when I say "agggh I love your bag!" I get up to look at it and I tell her what it is, she says no it's just some bag my mom bought on sale at Macy's, and it's too big anyways. I'm like WTF? It's beautiful on her! She opens it up to show me and sure enough, theres the correct lining...She appreciates the bag more now, LOL!

    Just had to share, she didn't even know what a great bag she had!
  2. You dropped some knowledge on her! What a nice surprise!
  3. That's a great bag! And to get it on sale, that's even better!

    I didn't even realize that Macy's sold MBMJ.
  4. Great story...! Must be an awesome Macy's.
  5. Very cute story!! That's great that her mother got it on sale!
  6. I know - have never seen them at our Macy's, going to keep a look at from now on!!
  7. Hey! You're officially an enabler! ;)
  8. You have enlightened bring her over to the dark side... :devil:

    P.S. The Macy's in my town sells MbMJ shoes and clothes, but no bags! Would be awesome if they did though!!