Funny links

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  1. I feel like sharing some funny stuff I come across on the WWW on a daily basis. Feel free to share your own funnies :nuts:

    Parody on Google Earth - try zooming in closer to the moon's surface

    A must for all Family Guy fans
  2. For StewieLive I suggest you try


    and many more
  3. LOL
    i love stewie!!
  4. Hmmm...Did I reply to this post a few days ago???

    Anyways, I LOVE Family Guy! I always watch it on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. :smile:
  5. I've had a kick out of this site:

    The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Interesting read, too. Seems to be very popular on the web, too.
  6. This is probably one of the oldest funny link you ppl have (already) seen...but here it is
  7. I love this website...always great for a good laugh.
  8. I'd be pretty scared of some of those santas too! Yikes