Funny Lines/Quotes in response to CLs

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  1. Share any funny or interesting lines/remarks/quotes in response to your CLs.

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    "Where are you going to wear those? To the ZOO?!" --by male friend in response to tiger patent NPs.
  2. "Doesn't it bother you that you look so tall in those?" - a woman I just met who glanced down at my Yoyo Zeppas. I think the heel is about 4.75" and I'm only 5'4", so wearing them I wasn't even 5'9"...hardly tall...:s.

    Not really a funny comment, but it sticks in my memory.
  3. When I was wearing my Lapano booties at NM in Charlotte a young girl asked me, "Does it feel like you are walking on stilts and how do you learn how to do it?" I told her that it definitely takes practice to walk in 5" heels. I go from being 5'6" to 5'11!!! My 6'1" BF loves it. :yes:
  4. "If I wore those I would get a nosebleed!"

    -said to me while I was trying on the nude Rolandes at Footcandy in St. Helena
  5. I went to the CL boutique in Beverly Hills with a friend and unfortunately she does not like paying more than $200 for a pair of shoes. She really hates CL's because of her budget. :push: I was trying on shoes and chatting with the SAs when she "politely" asked one of the SA's, "Excuse me, but were these shoes made by Jesus Christ himself?" She really doesn't get embarrassed I guess...LOL. I was shocked!!! The SA just laughed and explained to her about the good quality of the materials and hours of labor needed to create each shoe. I'm glad the SA had a sense of humor. :sweatdrop:
  6. She did not!!! Well, they would cost a whole lot more than that if they were!!
  7. And would probably look more like Birkenstocks...
  8. well the other night i went out and wore a pair of simples and a girl says "those shoes are great what are they CL's" I said thaank you and turned around and hear her go to her friend "I would never pay $700/pair of shoes, its rediculous" :s

  9. :roflmfao:
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. "Ouch, that looks painful...", a friend 'complimenting' me the first time I wore my (half size too small) Nude Patent Yoyos. LOL!
  12. LOL! :lol:

    Today I had a few people ask how I walk in such high heels. Someone said, "Why don't you just cut the heel off?" It was a man :rolleyes: I said, "Then there is no point to wearing the shoes."
  13. Someone needs to put that girl back in her cage. :tdown: I'm sure that she really wishes that her shoes were as hot as yours, though.
  14. Two ladies next to me at Saks today were trying on CLs. One lady said to her friend "Don't you think the red clashes with the rest of the shoe?" The SA said "It's a trademark of CL." And the lady's friend said "Ugh, if it weren't for the red sole, I'd buy them!" I was trying really hard not to make my "are you serious?!" face.

    I was speechless. I mean, come on!
  15. Haha! And to think we are all so obsessed with the red sole! That lady is crazy... yet I bet everyone thinks we all are too:rolleyes: