Funny Joran videoclips!!

  1. I'm sorry to anyone who might find it inapropriate, but I had to post this. Myabe he'll at least find some punishment in this :boxing::police:
    It's hilarious!! Especially the second one (although probably funnier for those who speak dutch) because I loved that song, it's such a funny tune and they re-made it so good with Joran-lyrics!! :roflmfao:
    Anyway enjoy and if you have found more like these, please add!!
  2. Ah, you're Dutch too? I've seen a lot of funny Joran things, I loved this picture:

    And those clips are indeed very inappropriate, but I couldn't help giggling though. They're very very well made.

    I found a couple more through a friend, but they're all Dutch:
  3. HAHA thanx! I wanted to see that first one, only saw a small part on tv. (yes I'm dutch too!)

    Just to add something more. Haven't you all also always thought he resembles: Frankenstein_jpg.jpg