Funny!!!, Has this happened to you???

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  1. Every time I see a girl who is nicely dressed with a great style and a great coach bag, old or new.... that I like, I have an obsession and it is always. "excuse me, what bag is that?" Yes, I am friendly in general and then it always leads to the conversation... "ooh I like that bag, where did you get it ..and then the surprising "let me see what style that is and a look at the inside numbers. Then it is the exchanging of what it holds inside and a perfect stranger handing over her bag for you to hold with your outfit and jotting the style numbers down. Leads me to think Coach lovers are such friendly people. How many of you have had this experience?? It is fun and my husband almost drops his jaw every time this happens :yahoo:

  2. No offense...but I would never hand my bag over to a strange.
  3. I've never had that happen and if I did I would probably be like your husband :wtf:
  4. LOL... I've gotten into conversations with strangers about purses before... but never have looked inside their bag, etc... In fact, if someone asked to do that to me... I would probably be offended, because I would just assume they were trying to see if it was real. Other then that... I wouldn't hand my bag to anyone (for fear of them running in the opposite direction!!), but I might look up the serial number myself... Even that is kinda dicey though... I wouldn't want to open my bag in some public places, so someone couldn't just grab my wallet out... I am just paranoid I guess...;)

    I am a "paranoid", yet friendly, Coach person! :smile:
  5. i definately talk to ppl about what they carry, but usually the convo carries onto what else we carry, where we buy them etc etc.
  6. Nah that's never happened. I'm happy to chat about bags with someone. But I'm not opening up my bag and explaining every nook and cranny. Personally, I would have thought you were a little off your rocker and escorted my way around you as quickly as possible.
  7. interesting encounters . . . i don't think i'm that COACH friendly yet.

    it's cool you are tho
  8. I've complimented people on their bags, and have been complimented on mine, but that's usually about as far as it goes.
  9. The first thing I look at on a person is the bag they are carrying and then if it is nice I check the shoes out......I do this so often that the ladies prob think I am tying to pick them up........I even have my husband looking at bags....he is getting pretty good........Wait........I think he is looking at the bags maybe he is checking out all the ladies..........I am going to have to look into this further....ha
  10. I've not had this happen to me, but I can see how it could. I think that purse fanatics get gregarious when they sense the same in others... at least I do, so I can totally see something like this happening.
  11. and no I have never asked to look in someones bag.......I look and Stare and look again and stare and drool and then just slowly walk away going damn that was nice
  12. I'm friendly about bags up to a point. I like to talk to people about their bags and accessories while I help them at work (friendly chatter is so much better than awkward silence), and I'll mention things in lines. Mostly, though, I just lust over other people's bags in silence, or I'll make comments about them to my friends.
  13. I have been told on numerous occassions by someone that they like my Coach.

    But I have NEVER had someone ask me to look inside at the serial number.

    Im sorry, but that is just WEIRD to me. If I was asked, I would give them a weird look and say, "im sorry, but id rather you not".

    I also wouldnt do it to anyone else. However, if im in line and the person next to me as a Coach, I may comment on how I love her handbag!
  14. hahaha wow you really are a hardcore lover arnt you!! hehehe ive always been complimented on my bags, and i have been asked for the guccis get more attention in the where did you get that whats the number type of way and i think thats just because there arnt that many places to buy guccis here in az ( i can only think of three reputable places off the top of my head) where as coaches are everywhere :smile:
  15. This is too funny. I am a criminologist and I was just two minutes ago sitting at my desk trying to come up with a research proposal for a conference next fall (which is due in like a week). I just decided that I would think about it after my class this afternoon, so I come in here to play and I come across this thread. I need a couple of more days to think on it, but I am getting some cool ideas from this thread.
    Tell me this ladies, would you not let someone see inside your bag out of fear they may steal it or just becuase it is rude? Also, has anyone actually ever known of a purse snatching which started out this way?
    Hmmm, I gotta think on this. Whoever started this thread, thanks for the idea!