Funny H Stories...

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  1. Some people has been randomly posting their Hermes experience in the H-store or when they are carrying their H-bags... Let me start a thread for all these postings together...

    Anyway, my story happened last week. As you may all know, I dressed up when going into an H store. And YES, I still do feel jittery when entering the store. Maybe it's because my previous H traumas ;) The least I do is carry an H bag or wear an H accessories...

    Well, I seldom go out my house without dressing up. BUT last week, my bf dragged me to publix near his condo wearing only pajamas. And GUESS WHO I BUMPED INTO...!!!

    My H SA!!!!! LOLLLLL... I'm without makeup and looked like this crazy girl wearing pajamas to supermarket...

    Anyway, we said casual "hello" and I introduced him to my bf (just in case my bf wants to buy me anything H this christmas... :P)

    Well, that's my story... What's yours?
  2. When I was trying an orange Birkin this past weekend in Hermes, I left my gold birkin on the counter a few feet away. Two ladies came into the boutique and headed straight for my birkin. As one of the ladies picked her up:wtf: , I said, "er, that is mine!:P "...We all started to laugh. The lady said, " I wanted to buy it!!!!" :lol: :P
  3. ^LOL, Star, you could have made a profit!!

    When I leave my bags on the counter at H, the doorman comes and stands next to it, until I pick it up sweet is he??
    Little does he know all he is guarding are some pantyliners, a biro and a corn change purse.......
  4. fun thread! keep 'em coming please! =)
  5. That's so adorable of him.
  6. Last year, My ex manager assistant refused to order a birkin for a customer because the waiting list is too full.
    She was a very beautiful chinese woman with her personal assistant.
    And when I said to my Manager that was Gong Li :wtf: ... he was very confused and he tried to found to her something.... :shame:
  7. WOW, Specialist!!! I would have LOVED to be there for that one!!!!

    .....well, actually I'd just love to BE there period!!!!
  8. OMG, Gong Li is one of my favorite stars; that's so great that you got to see her in person. Can't believe she got denied! Hmmm...maybe that's why he's your "ex" manager assistant? :Push:
  9. I like that story--did he end up finding her something?

  10. and if he only knew the history of that corn change purse...
  11. I was carrying a Blue Jean Trim 31 one day and a lady paid me a compliment. "Oh, I love your Dooney!" :wtf:
  12. LOL!!!!!! I've had that happen too.

    Was in Neimans one day a while back carrying my Kelly in the LV section and the SA complimented my bag......"Nice Birkin! Bet THAT set ya back a few."

  13. :wtf: Oh lordy D....

    I took Miss Evelyne to Goyard when I first got her and the guys said "doesn't get any better than that!" :shame: They are sweeties!
  14. Yeah she was gorgeous. He didn't recognize her. I can't remenber if Gong Li got something. Anyway, you can see a lot of "stars"in Hermes paris during the christmas time. Last saturday, I saw : Linda Evengelista and her baby, Nicolas Ghesquière (designer of balenciaga),...
  15. Oh SP! What I wouldn't do to be a fly on the wall at FSH for the holidays! (or any regular day, too, for that matter) :P

    I'd have loved to have been there with you when Zidane was there, though! :love: