Funny H sighting

  1. So I was sitting here tonight looking through the brochure of the hotel we are going to stay at in SF on Wed-Fri and guess what one of the ladies in one of the pictures was carrying? A Kelly! :lol: Looks like a black box 35cm with gold hw. :flowers:
  2. That has to be a sign! I bet you come back with something fabulous from Hermes!!! He he he!!!
  3. can-ya scan a picture?
  4. Jag, I was thinking it was a sign too! :lol:

    Bagg, I don't have a scanner...I'll take a pic but it's a small picture so I don't know if you'll be able to see it really well. :flowers:
  5. NO! NO DON'T SCAN THE PIC, HEATHER! Bagg'll buy it! It's BOX!!!!!!!
  6. its deff. a sign wink wink
  7. Go, CB! Sending you good karma! Fingers and toes crossed, too!
  8. CB -- lol.....I thought you lived in SF...Good Luck this weekend! I'm going to Vegas this weekend....hoping for some luck at H too
  9. OK, here's the picture from the Palace Hotel brochure. It's hard to see because it's black and she's wearing black. I hope it's real LOL but I think it's a sign anyway that I should at least get a scarf this week, right? :graucho: Sorry I don't know why it's showing up so small. :shrugs:
  10. Thanks everyone! Gmel good luck to you too! I live about an hour away from SF but DH has a conference so I'm going with him. :flowers:
  11. good luck CB! *fingers crossed*
  12. Good luck to you both, gmel and CB!!!
  13. Thanks Pazt and Sue!!! Hey Pazt, I am thinking of getting the St. Louis tote now! :lol: :yes:
  14. LOL - It's a Hermes 'approved' hotel.:graucho:
  15. ^Mrs.S. That Is So Cute!!!!

    CB & gmel...Have Fun!!!!! :smile:
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