Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation

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  1. Just found this video in utube. Enjoy!

    My fav is the dog with the shoe..

    oh these lil numbnuts - My first constantly raided the cupboards. Childproof locks couldn' t keep him out so he was constantly gorging on anything edible when we were away from the house.

    Second dog had a weakness for electrical wiring.:rolleyes: Earbuds, laptop chargers, nothing was safe.

    Current pup thankfully hasn't misbehaved yet. Only incident in the entire year I've had him was finding him "dig" on my goyard wallet.:faint: A stern no prevented any future incidents.
  2. One of my favorites is a tv commercial where the dog is holding a sign saying something like "I pooped in the house and the Roomba smeared it all over". LOLOL I can only imagine!
  3. LMAO - ewww
  4. LOL!! This made my night! Thank you for posting the link!