Funny foods that your dog eats

  1. The other day DH and I came home to find that our amstaff had devoured two avocados that were on the fruit bowl and had left a trail of avocado skin and the stones around the dining room:amazed: . He's also got a mad taste for lentil dahl and dried cherries. Does your dog have any strange tastes that you want to share?
  2. Mariah likes anything potatoes. Potato salad is her favorite, but she loves french fries and baked potatoes too. She also LOVES pickles.
    Princess will eat anything lmao. She not picky at all, whatever you offer to her...she will eat it up.
  3. My dogs aren't picky. If it falls on the floor, I can pretty much guarantee they will mop it up with their mouths.
  4. my cats crap. we call the litter box the "deli tray". we've had to barricade it so she won't get in!
  5. nina and nicholas LOVE mangoes and grapes... lux and zoe LOVE cheetos lol!
  6. ^ Ooh, no more grapes! They're toxic to dogs.
  7. Carmen love lettuce!! She doesn't care what it is as long as in her mind it is 'people food'! LOL
  8. Oh yeah - we call those "almond rocas" and little sweet innocent Mr. Charlie isn't allowed anywhere near the box anymore. It's now turned towards the corner in a weird angle (with a hood too) so he can't navigate it....(he's too big now)...

    Inasfar as "funniest" foods - well, there really isn't anything that he DOESN'T's quite distressing and dangerous - I've seen paper towels in his poo....ugh. :shocked:
    He'll eat anything if it's not moving...and I'm pretty sure I'm safe to say "anything."
    Our little girl Tess, though is far more picky...the sweet little girl that she is!!! :rolleyes:
  9. yes I believe its the seeds that can give them kidney failure. let me look it up....
  11. Haha! I did discover something he won't eat! Bok Choy! I dropped a leaf on the floor just now and his nose went up...!
  12. HA!! The funniest treat so far (okay besides the occasional cheeto, or bites of steak uhmm...) my girls are food HO's!! I recently changed thier dog food to a homeopathic one. (they LOVE it) anyway, they also love the new dog treats that are chicken strips around a banana slice!!! (or around a carrot) good lord they LOVE THEM!!!!
  13. My Chi, Bella eats sushi...I hope it's not bad for her?

  14. My dogs are the same way - and my one lab LOVES lettuce; my older lab only likes romaine lettuce - he won't eat iceburg!

    If you get out the cutting board all my dogs line up hoping to get some lettuce, it is kind of funny.
  15. My doxie Millie always tries to grab bananas out of my hand, she will actually launch herself at a banana like a heat seeking missile. Odd.