Funny Farm and Coach

  1. My DH called to tell me that FedEx had delivered my packages.:yahoo: He then went on to tell me that I could be loosing my "membrship" on Coach tPF:crybaby: if anyone had seen the sight he witnessed when he arrived home from the barn (he is a Dairyfarmer). Being a Dairyfarmer you understand we have cows. In March as a gift he gave me 10 baby chicks, 3 baby trukeys, 2 baby ducks and 2 baby geese. They are all grown up now and run the place. They are let out of their pen during the day and wander over the 5+ acre's the house is on (our yard). Even the cat's have excepted them. Well, here in our part of Texas we have been getting tons of rain. When DH arrived home the three packages from Coach were neatly stacked on the rocking chair on the porch, and on top of the boxes was purched one of my small hens.:wtf: (I think it's funny, and great she has GREAT taste). No, accidents on the boxes, she was kind and didn't share:supacool:. But, I will think before I have the next packages delivered. :roflmfao:I can't blame her, she was trying to get out of the rain.
  2. That is just hilarious!

    Hey, can you tell your DH that you found out you have a golden goose, but instead of laying eggs, she lays Coach bags?:nuts:
  3. ^Awe, how cute! As a huge animal lover, I can really appreciate your story. :yes:

    So, what did you get in the boxes???
  4. That's so funny! When I lived in Maine for 4 years I kept asking ex-h to build me a chicken coop! I love anything to do with chickens!
    So that would be 2 of my fav things-- Chickens and Coach! And i agree about the rain! I was just telling a friend that I saw a cow with a snorkel :roflmfao:
  5. I had ordered a pair of loafers, the turnlock scarf, the long Legacy scarf and the Legacy Pony scarf.

    Tejasmama, that is a great idea.....wouldn't that be a wonderful goose.
  6. What a great photo op that was- I can just envision it. How cute.
  7. I LOVE geese!!! Are they friendly? Can you pet them?

    Ok sorry:back2topic: You got some great stuff congrats! What a cute story!
  8. All of my Poultry are so friendly, they can be little pest. My Trurkeys and Geese hear me pull up in the driveway and come running with their wings outstretched. I have to give them all a pat and a hand full of feed. I will have to get some pictures and post them in the appropriate thread. Im surprised the FedEx man got off the porch, they like everyone.
  9. awwe sweet birds:smile:
  10. Oh my gosh, that is AWESOME! I would love that so much! I feed the squirrels in my neighborhood and every morning when I first open my front door they come running from everywhere. I usually have 8-10 of them on my porch and sidewalk every morning. I open my front door, they poke their head inside and take a peanut, and go on their way. I love them.

    Did you happen to see my post in the Animalicious forum about the ducks? I think you'd like it:
  11. Haha this is great!!! :biggrin: Pictures would be appreciated..hehe.
  12. How cute! I would have loved to see the hen on the T-mama said, he lays Coach!:lol:
  13. She was just taking care of mama's things!!!
  14. LOL, I can just picture that. Too funny!
  15. Oh what a great story!! Would love to see pics of your haul!