Funny Fake Story

  1. i was shopping at a local area shop that sells inspired bags, not knock offs, just similar in design. anyway, i was admiring the denim patchworks they had. this lady who was by me said "these are like the one i got in ny." to which i just said "lucky, a trip to ny and a new coach i'm jealous." then she said, "you know, how in ny they have the real ones they sell on the street. i only paid $100 when in the store the bag i got is like $400." i had to literally bite my tongue to not burst out laughing in this womans face! i did have to set her straight though. just had to share. it amazes me how people think because it has the designers name on it that it's real.
  2. Yup, it is really kind of funny and sad. Going to Canal Street is fun for the laughs but it is truley an experience. 100 bucks for a fake is crazy, you can afford an authentic pouch, wristlets, charm etc. for that price.
  3. ugh, people get so mad when they bring in fakes to send in for repairs/to return etc and they ALWAYS go "well what does this mean, it says coach and points to the creed" and I basically say anyone could make a stamp to fake it and it doesn't mean anything, crazyness
  4. ha ha.. funny. I once read the inside of a fake coach and inside it read bac instead of bag and they replaced the q with and O so it read ouailty.
  5. that is too funny. but I do feel bad for the people who buy the bags and truly think that they are real.
  6. Whe we were in the Bahammas a couple of years ago there was a girl in the straw market probable college age and she was so excite because she had talked down the woman to $80 on a "Dooney" (that probably was like $160 retail )when I told her it was a fake she was like ohh no there all the real thing the lady said so.
    People just don't get it. Your buying a bag from a place called the straw market its not real!!
  7. I've been to the Straw Market and saw all those fake bags. My teenage daughters kept telling me how great the deals were until I explained they weren't real. It took a LOT of explaining tho since they believe whatever a salesperson will tell them. :roflmfao: Still people were buying them up like crazy. Oh well. :shrugs:
  8. My most important purse purchase EVER was a $40 White MC Alma bought on the streets of NYC. I didn't even know what it was, I just thought it was really colorful. I got home and my roomate was like "You got an LV!!!" So It took a bit of research to find out that yes (obviously) I got a fake.

    BUT! before that I just collected cute purses, that one fake brought me into the world of designer bags and I am so thankful for it! I now only use that bag as a Makeup bag at home. I wouldn't ever take it out but I can't stand to part with the bag that taught me a big lesson.
  9. I've been to Canal Street & the Straw Market in the Bahamas. I can certainly relate to how hard it is to explain why you shouldn't buy a fake bag. I have one friend who will looks as good as yours or I don't have to spend alot of money to carry a coach or dooney. Then i'll say put your bag next to mine and you can tell what's real and what's not. Then i'll say to her that her bag will not last half as long as mine will, that's call "quality" not a cheap material knock off. I'm wearing her down...I hope:smile:
  10. I have to admit that fakes were also the doorway for me. I'm so glad that I've learned so much and now it just makes me angry when people sell fakes as real to unsuspecting people. I was on a search for the perfect bag and in the process found Coach. I'm very happy with how my story ended!
  11. OMG that poor pathetic twit of a woman