Funny fake story

  1. I went to a new Tapas restaurant last night with my husband (it was awesome!!) I wore my Fersten. As we were walking back to the car we passed a group of three girls that were about 18 years old. The one gal was carrying a Stephen mono, she stared at my bag so hard her neck almost popped off. She then made some smart *ss remark about how tacky my fake was! :wtf: :wtf: My husband started laughing and said, "Good lord baby, you have been carrying Louis longer than that girl has been alive and she just called yours fake!" We laughed and she turned around and gave me the DIRTIEST look ever!! What a little snot. I wanted to take the chain strap on my bag and smack her. does this bag look fake to you all?? Or is it just one of those bags that is not seen often so may appear fake to one that is not up on LV?? What do you all think?:heart:
  2. I think it's a bag not seen so often----

    like my Ursula!!! It's so friggen new--people don't even know what to say!! I've gotten some fingers pointed at me, but once they see my bandeau or pastilles bracelet/keychain stares turn to smiles!

    BTW~! I LOVE YOU BAG!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thank you! Im in love with your bag as well!!! That silly little girl should have been at the pet store yesterday when my bag fell off the counter as I was about to pay and my Groom zippy wallet, my Lv makeup case, and pastilles keychain fell out all over the floor! The lady that helped me pick everything up was so excited!! lol I can only assume that the little snot that made the remark will see the Fersten at some point and will feel like an idiot!
  4. lol her bag was probably the fake I mean how can you wear LV and not know about the Ferse Dentelle line:wtf:
  5. She will definitely feel like an idiot later. Most of the show bags that hit the runways are rarely seen by any "normal" people. It is a pretty strange looking bag- I started loving it after seeing it on stars photographed and people on the board.
    Think her Stephen was real??
  6. Yeah, her bag was real. I have not carried my Stephen in months...made me want to carry it again! She was just a young little brat and so RUDE. That is was pissed me off. I was so respectful at that age. Oh well...
  7. oh the youth of today such a waste...
  8. You shoulda told her she didn't deserve that Stephen with that terrible attitude! I should be toting it instead of her. It IS such a waste latinmalemodel... lmao.
  9. OMG i would have taken off my shoe and caused damage!! :cursing:
  10. That's a very funny story. Had a good laugh. Your hubby is one smart dude.
  11. Haha I wanted to say something to this effect too. I haven't been in that situation and I am normally VERY non-confrontational, but I find it hard to believe I could just let it pass and be classy about it. lmao :cursing:
  12. I love your husbands reply lol
  13. Omg some people are so rude.
  14. grrrrrr.....what a little brat
  15. She wasn't even worth your time.