Funny Fake LV Mall Story


Jan 26, 2006
So hysterical. So I am at the mall. This random early 20 girl walks into the LV boutique (while I am looking at my next conquest) and proceeds to loudly lay her "speedy" on the counter. Both me and the salesperson look over as we have this clinky sound coming from the metallic feet on her "speedy". She proceeds to make a big spectacle with her friends about which bag she is buying next. It was sooooo hysterical. Its bad enough carrying a fake but to walk into the LV store!!

That's beyond embarassing for her. I mean, are people that oblivious ? Maybe she genuinely thought that her bag was authentic.. or at least mirror image. That's kind of funny though, I would have a laugh with the SA after about it. ;)
funny story along those lines- years ago i went to the LV store to check out the bags so i would know which fake i wanted to get. hahaha. i was carrying a fake kate spade at the time.

i walked out with a black epi jasmine, and a vow to never waste my money on fake again! since then i've accumulated quite a REAL collection, just like the LV SA said i would!