Funny Fake Burberry Parade

  1. they for got the night on the car
    but that must of taken a week to do
  2. no fakes!
  3. They really need to start cracking down on knockoffs.
  4. WOW thats so sad
  5. I'm happy to see that they took the bags you listed down....but they probably will pop back up at some point.

    I'm tired of reporting fake after fake, eBay obviously doesn't screen anything before it is posted!
  6. nice to see all of them GONE. Let's keep reporting !
  7. There are so many bags that I have been reporting, and eBay isn't taking them down!!
  8. You know what's more amazing? When I put up my bags for sale, i am constantly prompted and reminde that eBay reviews all such listings for authenticity. That is obviously such a farce seeing the sheer number of things that fall through the cracks!
  9. fakes suck!!
    ahahah i love the maserati!! hilarious!!
  10. I love Burberry, the art of burberry! I also love the burberry trench coat! I like the feeling of wearing a trench coat!

  11. reported