Funny DUI Test

  1. YouTube - Funny DUI test.

    My cousins showed this to me! Has anyone else seen this?

    This guy gets pulled over because he was driving erratically. The officer did everything (and I mean everything) she could to trip him up.
  2. Ok...that is so freaking funny!! Step-bop-step-bopbop!!!
  3. Pas de bourre, kick ball change . . . .

  4. I mean really...can you imagine??? It was like a ballroom dancing class on the side of the road!! rap buddy...we should start another song!!
  5. Oh, we will, my friend. We will!
  6. This is from "Reno 911", the funniets show on Comedy Central!
  7. I'm surprised she didn't throw in an "And . . . . JAZZ HANDS!"
  8. haha is that real?

    i cant belive he slipped up. how funny
  9. Cough! Loud noise! Check out the Singalong!
  10. Omigod!!:roflmfao:....that was hilarious! I'm SOBER and I can't even recite the alphabet backwards!...and the dancing, I almost peed my pants!:lol: Thanks for the thread.
  11. I can!

    Z Y X W V U T S R Q P O N M L K J I H G F E D C B A
  12. Step BUMP step BUMP BUMP, lol :smile:

    That last part was friggin hillarious
  13. Was this for real????????????? lol
  14. I cannot believe my life collided. We were looking at this at work last week and I have my husband doing, Step-bump. Step-bump-bump all over the house now.

    Tell me this was a spoof... PLEASE!