Funny David Yurman story

  1. On Friday, I was wearing a couple of my Yurman bangle bracelets on my right arm. I was supervising a temp in our office, and at one point, he asked me if I wrist was okay. I thought that was a really weird question, so I politely told him that it was fine all the while thinking he was strange :shame: . It was only after walking away from his desk did I realize that he thought I was wearing the magnetic/health bracelets. I thought it was too funny!
  2. That's hysterical :nuts:
  3. MEN :wacko:
  4. That is Hillarious!!
  5. :biggrin: Lol
  6. hehhehe, typical men... too funny
  7. loool thats really funny
  8. Gotta love some men! He probably has a wonderful heart to think that much about you.
  9. Hilarious! But not a strong selling point for David Yurman jewellery!
  10. not that funny