Funny/cute pic

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  1. ...I hope this pic doesn't offend anyone (it definitely incited some anger on British Vogue, where I grabbed this image from on facebook) first reaction was to laugh. I thought it was cute and thought some of you might enjoy. :biggrin: (I showed this to my Muslim husband, and he laughed and said, "hey, you gotta pray to someone, don't you?!")

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  2. This is really a funny pic! Had to laugh when I saw it :biggrin: I don't think it's offensive... I think it shows with a wink the affection of the Chanel buying Ladies towards the double C :P;)
  3. It is funny, isn't it? :smile: I agree, definitely tongue in cheek. I love how the guy next to her (her boyfriend? a salesperson at Chanel?) is holding the umbrella for her. Lol.
  4. I think it's a SA from the Chanel boutique who is patiently waiting for her to end the worship of the collecion and to come in and make her next purchase(s) :roflmfao:... LOL :roflmfao:

    By the way... Do you know which boutique? Since you wrote that it's from the british Vogue, looks like it's the Chanel boutique at New Bond Street
  5. I think you're right! It IS an SA! LOL.

    I'm not sure which store this is, actually...I live in the States and haven't gotten the opportunity to visit England yet (I'd LOVE TO GO!!!)...but your guess sounds right to me. Since it's still early here in MA, I'm hoping other tpf-ers might be able to answer your question when they wake up and hit tpf. :smile: :smile:
  6. I think secretly.... I'm doing this in my head whenever I come across the shop display! Lol!!!
  7. Looks just like me minus the man lol. Looks like bond street boutique to me.
  8. The first thing that came to my mind is that she's praying to the Chanel gods to please please release the shipment of the fuchsia lamb minis to all of us who have been so (im)patiently waiting! My second thought was I love the dress she's wearing!

    Thanks for sharing this pic!

  9. That's great!!! Yes, indeed she's praying for all of us who are waiting for the fuchsia lamb minis to arrive!!! LOL :biggrin:
  10. That was me at Heathrow airport waiting for the Chanel to open and it never did!!!!!! I would look inside and drool and left without setting a foot inside 😢. The other stores opened but not Chanel...

  11. ^OMG me too...hate to admit it but hey..I still get goosebumps !
  12. Haha love this!
  13. Lol, at the Chanel couture show some of the models were wearing knee pads that said Chanel on them, now we know why 😊😊😊
  14. Lol, looks like bond street too, I need to show this to my DH, I also do this secretly in my head when I can't find a bag I want ha ha "we lost our soul to Chanel"

  15. Lol, I think if she wore Chanel knee pad, she may be able to concentrate more :smile: