Funny convo Vlad and I had tonight involving LV!

  1. So Vlad is a new found LV lover as some of you may recall... he has a wallet and bag and LOVES them.

    Tonight we were talking about getting back in shape and it went something like this...

    M: "So I really think we should sit down and discuss which days we want to work out and what it is we want to do each day"
    V: "Yea, but we don't need to work out everyday together..."
    M: "Duh, I know. I like writing things down. We should write down what we want to do each day so we can track our progress"
    V: "Yea I was thinking about that. I was thinking that I want to buy an LV Agenda to write it all down in.... S%$*, I'm too broke. I'll just have to use my computer to keep track..."

    He looked all disgruntled, but it was the funniest thing ever (may not come out so funny online, maybe you had to be there!!)

    :roflmfao: He is becoming obsessed with LV!!!! You may begin to see more of him in here!! :wlae:
  2. lol.

    You've created an addict! :devil:
  3. That is so cute!
  4. LOL He'S a LV Addict Now:upsidedown:! MwAHHHH!! Megs, are you going to be an enabler? :graucho: :p
  5. We are bad influences here on the PF!!ROFL!!hehee!
  6. LOL, that's so funny :biggrin:
  7. I think Vlad is a genious:idea: ...what a great workout excuse:yes: ...I need an agenda before I can start bc I gotta write it all down...yeah, BF oughta buy it when he gets me up at 6am to go to the gym tomorrow, ugh!
    Very funny Megs! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Megs... Is Vlad converting to LV??:roflmfao:
  9. [​IMG]well done..
  10. Vlad has great taste, Megs!!!:graucho: But we knew that already!!!:wlae:
  11. Nothing I like better than a GUY who loves LV!!!!! He's a keeper!!
  12. thats fantastic! I think i've turned into an addict as well being on here... will need to work on converting the bf too...
  13. My daughter came home from college for Christmas and I miss her so much that I want to give her everything she wants when she's home. (We live in Texas and she goes to college in Chicago.)

    She said she liked my new groom agenda, so guess what went back to Chicago with her? Yep.
  14. Too funny. Thats an idea though. An agenda would totally make me accountable for taking control of my healthy habits. Hmmm. Maybe I will make that my new incentive - lose twenty pounds, get a prize!
  15. welcome to the dark side Vlad... :graucho: