Funny conversation with my bf's mom

  1. My bf have been together for almost 8 years. His mom and I are pretty close...I like her a lot and I can tell she really likes me, too. Sometimes I stay at his house when he's at work, while she's at home too. Sometimes she'd tell me stories about him...hehe like how this girl that he grew up with in the Philippines called their house looking for him one day, and some other stuff that's pretty harmless. After that, I'd tease him about what his mom told she tells me this morning that he was complaining to her the other day...that I'm like a detective, and that I always find out about things. And that he was complaining because she'd tell me these things. She told him "What's wrong with me telling her?" She told me he said "But I'm your son! Shouldn't you be on my side and not hers?" Hahahaha...she's so funny.
  2. Simillar sitation has happened with me and SO. Not about exes, since what he told me about them would probably have his mom reeling, but other stuff. And unfortunately when push comes to shove, yes moms are forced to make choices between you and their son, and inevitably they choose their son.
  3. LOL typical guy response saying there are sides!! She's just telling you stories, nothing wrong with that! Dh's mom does the same thing with me, and then I bug him later! hahah but DH likes that his mom and I get along well. As of course, do I! Its definitely a good sign. :smile:
  4. What a great feeling to get along with your bf's mom! That is special. Many people have a strong dislike to whomever their child is dating! You are lucky.
  5. DH's mom and I are very close...she always teases out in a divorce, we get
  6. i think it's great when your SO's mom gets along with you.

    that's what i wish for, but my mother-in-law hardly speaks any english. on the other hand, my DH gets along with my mom even better than i do sometimes. she even forewarned him on the night he proposed to me and told him, "are you really sure about this? she's BLAH, BLAH, BLAH so please be sure you want to go thru with this....." (DH=:roflmfao:, me=:crybaby:)
  7. haha that's funny I wish my husbands mom would tell me stories of what he was like as a kid :s
  8. Sometimes I think my mother in law loves me more than my hubby (her own son) and he knows it!!
  9. I doubt that's EVER gonna happen with my bf's mom and I :rolleyes: And we've been together 6 years :p
  10. Hahaha. This is So like DH's mom and I. He always complains: "She likes you better than me!" She is kinda harsh on him sometimes...but with me she is the sweetest little thing (and I mean LITTLE, I don't even think she is 5' tall!!!). We went through a little of a rough period once, when we were just out of high school, because he was procrastinating getting a job....and she told him "If you lose MY DAUGHTER, I won't speak to you!!!"
  11. That's so funny!! Yeah, bf's mom and I get along really well. I even know her pin# for her atm card because she asks me to withdraw money for her sometimes if she knows we (bf and I) are going to the bank. She asks me - not him!