Funny Coach Car

  1. My fiancee loves RC cars. He saw that and was like "Man, I just did a pink escalade for you, now you want that?" I was like "OH YES I WANT IT!"

    LOL I try to get into his obsessions, he needs to get into mine! That's AWESOME!
  2. :tender: I LOVE IT! That is very cute!
  3. That is adorable! I want one!
  4. LOVE IT! Too funny. :smile:
  5. how cute, i want one!
  6. So cute !
  7. Cute!
  8. ^^^ My neighbor has the Coach Lexus! My dh just laughed, rolled his eyes and said " I know what you're thinking and NO!" when I showed him.
  9. Cute!! Hubby's into rc cars, but somehow managed to miss the cuteness in this one...wonder why??
  10. hehe that is 2 cute!
  11. That is so cute! I love it! I could totally drive around in something like that!
  12. Glad to hear my BF isn't the only one into RC cars LOL. My love of purses doesn't even come close to his love of RC!