Funny but also extremely sad article . . .

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  1. I was at the doctor's office one day about a week ago and came across an article in a magazine titled something like, "What's inside your bag tells a lot about you." As I was reading this article I came across a woman, who is a very successful entrepreneur claiming that she had a Multicolore Papillon specially ordered in Hong Kong, because only women like Jennifer Lopez could get them in the US. I remember reading Fashionphile's Guide on buying authentic LV handbags, and she specifically stated that LV never made a multicolore in papillon. Just to make sure that you can't SO that style, I called Vuitton customer service and she said there is no way they could SO that style not even for JLO. Anyway, I took a picture of the article with my cell phone (everyone in that waiting room was giving me funny looks). So here it is. It's not in great quality and I feel kinda bad posting this with the woman's pic b/c she either was duped into thinking that she bought an authentic, or she knew. But my intention is definitely not to humiliate her. I emailed her, by the way, but she never responded, so I guess she knew it was a fake all along.
    picture of bag.jpg Picture 1.jpg Picture 2.jpg Picture3.jpg Picture4.jpg
  2. more pics
    Picture 005.jpg Picture 006.jpg
  3. yeah the bag was NEVER made and cant be s/o'd.

    too bad she's carrying a fake :sad:
  4. You're right... that is kind of sad if she thought it was real!!
  5. I really don't think it's right that the woman's picture is on here, I would have covered her face personally. I can't imagine she would be so eager to make a fool of herself, I would give her the benefit of the doubt that she was duped. I know that you also believe that she may have been fooled, the point really in my post is to say that I would have cover her face or photo shop it out since it's already been posted.

    The mc papillon is actually pretty, too bad it was never done.

    I'm sure she was embarrassed enough the first time around when this was in the magazine, why make her re-live it even if she does know that the thing is a fake, it's just not right to embarrass someone.
  6. There's an other thread about an other woman posing in a magazine with her horribly fake Denim Speedy... I just can't understand why they would pose for a pic in magazines with fakes!
  7. I don't think its bad her face is on here, I mean she's in the magazine!
  8. I guess, you're right, I'm probably over-reacting. I just have this feeling she was fooled and probably is humiliated and wants to forget the whole thing happened. But the other girl, the denim baggy pm, I'm pretty sure she wasn't fooled the way it was written, ahh who knows.
  9. You all have to admit, a MC papillon would be SSSOOOO CUTE!!! Only real of course!

    Maybe she knows it is fake, but there is a pic somewhere of Paris Hilton carrying this FAKE bag too! WTH is up with that?
  10. Oh wow, I feel bad for the lady. But man a mc papillon would look good!
  11. I laughed out loud when I read the part where she said she put it away because she was getting too much attention! I am sure she was. I can't imagine it was very positive attention either. Probably more along the lines of, "Did you see that lady's fake LV?!"
  12. Since it's actually a magazine article, I think it is ok to post on the forum. I don't believe she was duped. If she is really "a savvy business woman", she should know that you can only buy a designer handbag from a reputable source.
  13. Hahhahahha, somebody from LVMH should read that article.
  14. I can't believe the magazine didn't find out it's a fake from either readers or LV! What magazine is this?
  15. Wow, that's pretty sad. But I'm surprised the magazine didn't check up on the credibility of the story though... :s