Funny blog. Recipes for infused vodka

  1. I like making infused vodka.

    I bring infused vodka parties.
    In exchange they feed me.
    Good deal for me!

    Vanilla bean vodka is the local fav.

    I was looking for new recipes last weekend and ran into this very FUNNY blog.

    These guys conduct experiments with vodka infusions and report on their results - good or bad.

    Helpful to serious vodka infusers. Funny read for everyone.

  2. interesting... it sounds like fun. I bet its better tasting then the flavored bottles you buy at the store. I'll have to try this sometime.
    what kind of vodka do you use?
  3. I had some saffron infused vodka the other day which was amazing!
  4. love infused vodka. Try rasberry!
  5. My local store sells a low-priced Russian vodka that is 7-times distilled. I think it is just as good as Absolute Vokda. I used to be devoted to Absolute for its clarity (number of times distilled) and crisp flavor.

    Check with your local store for an equivalent.

    I think most flavoured vodkas taste nasty. Its like the manufacturer boiled down a lollipop and added it to vodka. Yuck.

    Stoli used to make a fabulous lemon vodka. Very lemon-ee. The new citrus Stoli tastes like a vodka into which a lifesaver candy was dropped.
  6. Please tell me and everyone about YOUR infused vodka experiments.

    My current infused vodka projects:

    Jar with vodka and a cracked nutmeg.

    Jar with vodka and 1 inch of vanilla bean.

    Jar with vodka and 1/2 teaspoon of freshly ground cardamom.
  7. I've never heard of saffron vodka.

    Cool! Does the vodka turn golden orange?