Funny Bikini Wax Story

  1. I went to get waxed today and my friend who does my waxing told me a story about someone I referred to her. This client was a client of another hairdresser in my salon and was asking all the usual questions about the process.
    Well, so she makes an appointment with my girl, shows up with her BOYFRIEND in tow! Apparently, she is moving out of state and wants her man to continue doing her waxing after they move!! I guess, he was all up in the process asking the girl doing the waxing if she needed his help to "hold anything out of the way". Is that not the craziest story ever? And I guess this girl was a total Sasquatch and was in so much pain that her legs were shaking by the time it was over! haha

    I do remember her telling me she was quite a mess down there and I told her the first time would be the worst but man I didn't know she was going to bring her boyfriend in for training!!!!!
  2. OMG that is completely hilarious! i would definitely not trust my BF to wax me down there. i wouldn't even let him come with me to the salon to get it done lol! my friend actually waxed her BF's back and chest except when she got to the chest, she pulled the strip off in the wrong direction ... in the end he basically had to cut the wax off his chest hairs ack!
  3. Good Lord, is nothing sacred?
  4. wow, i would leave the waxing to professionals!
  5. Yeah, I kinda thought the screaming in pain would have turned him off but she said he was really into it. You'd be amazed at how many guys want to watch the bikini waxing cuz they think it's like some kind of "girl on girl" action. It's just sick!! Oh, the stories I've heard that go on behind those closed doors!
  6. OMG
    1) your boyfriend shouldn't see you in this less than flattering situation! LOL
    2) letting HIM wax YOU??? Noway!!!! bad things are gonna happen...
  7. funny story !! some couples definitely share more than what they should ! Probably some weird turn on for him bc I am sure you can find professionals to wax you in more than 1 State lol !!
  8. On that note of "sharing more perso info than you should", I have a story -well not really a story- but some people don´t consider this subject as intimate as I do, and I am not really prude. I have a friend that we´ve known for quite some time now, but not his girlfriend. He did everything he could to make us "bond" (the girlfriend and me) but she didn´t speak a good english at all and conversation were quite difficult.
    Then the 3rd time I see her she is a bit better at english, and we try making conversation but what she suddenly talks about is "how she likes brazilian waxing and how difficult it was to find a professional here !"
    So I am like :shocked: don´t know what to say....never tried, never even talked about it with my best GF odd ??
  9. uhhhhhhhhh I leave my waxing to professionals, never with BF as much as I love the guy. oy.

  10. Hahaha, Yeah, sometimes I*m amazed at what some people manage bring up in a "normal" conversation. It gets even worse when people are slightly drunk though. A friend and I and a friend of his (which I DID NOT KNOW) were out clubbing sometime ago, but we hadn't really been drinking much, or so I thought. Then suddenly the friend of my friend starts talking about how his last "hook up" had had some mysteriousness going on in the "brazilian" area that made him turned off and go home.He described it quite detailed... I was like :wtf: .. >_< OOOkay! :push: CHange of subject!
  11. I just love that you said the girl was a sasquatch! LMAO that's great. :biggrin:
  12. Ewwww, retarded girl and weirdo boyfriend, but very funny story! I bet she wont ever have bwax again!
  13. Funny story! I'm a very shy person and going for brazillians make me very self-conscious. I hope the lady I go to doesn't talk about the way I look "down there" to other clients!
  14. Oh no please don't get the wrong idea. I am also in the beauty industry, I work with the girl who does my waxing and she is a personal friend. Not to mention, I'm the one who refered the girl to her! So, I hope I haven't made you feel uncomfortable. It's not usuall for those stories to be shared and I'm sure you're just perfect down there!:smile: Not to mention, sheesh when you bring your man in who practically had a light on his forehead to watch and deserve to have your story told.....hehe

    My worst thing as a stylist is when my clients want me to cut their nose hairs! I just say, "Uh....I got your brows and your ears but when it comes to your nose, you're on your own!"
  15. LOL! That's very funny! hahaha!