Funny b-bag incident today :)

  1. I was out with my husband at a restaurant and a girl walked in wearing a fake day in some light brown color, I could tell it was a fake right away. So I looked at my husband and said: Look, a first Balenciaga sighting:smile: And he goes, OMG, honey, it's a fake!! I almost laughed out loud :roflmfao: Apparently, I've been talking his ear off about bbags and have shown him enough pics :nuts: so now even he tell a real one from a fake one :rolleyes:
  2. LOL

    that is tooo funny!!!
  3. I'm amazed that your hubby could tell...what made it obvious? Was it the leather?
  4. The leather and the size was smaller and the handle didn't have that signature bbag stitching.
  5. Wow...well you must have him well trained. ;) My hubby doesn't even know how much they cost ... we operate on a "don't ask, don't tell" kind of system... ;)
  6. Sounds like me too, i always tend to tell my hubby that "hey, that person is carryin a fake one".......nowadays, he can tell the difference btw fake or geninue.....the most funniest sight is, he saw an ex-customer at one of the shoppin mall and he told me that the customer was staring at my bbag (obviously she was stucked by my authentic bbag) becoz she was carrying a fake bag...can u believe it.....:cool: :cool:
  7. Lol, that sounds awfully familiar...
  8. I was just about to say the same thing. Way to go, guccidiva!
  9. :roflmfao: haha! dat was a funny story! I like to point out fakes to my bf too cuz it makes me mad to see fake bags around!! he's still under 'training" day he can be like ur hubby :graucho: :p dat would make my day..him being able to tell btw a fake balenciaga and a real one!;)
  10. lol that is too funny!!
  11. LOL, That is so funny. I am training my dh also. Yesterday I said,"oo look at that womans bag" he turned around and said "are you talking about the red balenciaga" I just started laughing because he was right. he is coming along well.
  12. Cute... very cute
  13. That´s really funny. I remember when I was around with my bf at the cinema, there was a girl with a fake first. I began to analyze with wrong handles wrong studs wrong tassel lenght... for a moment I thought my bf think I´m crazy, but then he added: you are right altough the leather looks awful :p
  14. maybe we should have a sub-forum for Bfs and hubbies :smile:
  15. Lucky you your DH can get the humor out of fake bag sightings. My DH and I were eating and I casually mentioned that the lady sitting in the next table had a fake LV and he told me that I am being a bag snob!!!