Funniest Song Lyrics

  1. You ever listen to a song, and the artist sings something that makes you either want to laugh or stop and go, "What!?!?!"

    Essentially, post any funny/bad lyrics here.

    I like Cassie's Long Way to Go but this line always makes me want laugh:

    Claim that you're so hot and you say you got skills in the bedroom

    Like some guy would actually go up and say that to a woman! "Hey, baby, I got skills in the bedroom!"
  2. These may not be funny lyrics, but they are very creepy:

    AKB 48 Dear my teacher:

    Kiss me BABY! Kiss me BABY!
    I will soon experience it anyway.
    my first boy will be Dear dear my teacher!
    Can you stop yourself?
    Try to break the moral?

    and it goes on

    I am not gonna tell anyone.
    just two of us, not gonna tell ma and pa
    It is not very special.
    it is everywhere.
    Do it BABY! Do it BABY!

    Yes, some of the girls in this group is just 13 years old.:push: